How to Create a Beer Logo?

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If the emblem features a mug of foamy beer, chances are it belongs to a brewery, pub or beer fest. Making a craft beer is only half the deal. The main challenge is to urge your potential customers to choose your beverage over the other. This is where you need a unique visual style and long-term promotional strategy. While some beer makers use mascots (goats, bears, etc.), others exploit the idea of popular festivals and holidays (Oktoberfest, Christmas, etc.).

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How to choose the right elements?

A beer glass is, hands down, the most recognizable image that appears on themed beer logos. However, a mug alone is not enough to stand out. To create a custom design, you need to add other graphic elements. Luckily, there is no lack of beer-related imagery: hop, ears of wheat, pretty girl, crown, eagle, barrel, bottle, glass, and many more. Take ample time to choose a symbol that will reveal the essence of your beverage. Remember that no two craft beers are the same! While beer-themed images are abundant, the same cannot be said about colors that fit the industry. Most breweries stick with time-tested color schemes that include the shades of brown and golden.

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