How To Create a Rock Logo?

Hard Rock Logo

General information

Appearing in the late 50s of the last century as one of the musical styles, rock quickly won the hearts of admirers, so hard that it divided into thousands of flows and subflows.

AC DC Logo
Iron Maiden Logo
Ramones Logo
Radiohead Logo

Major tips

To create a single logo that is universally u0022appreciatedu0022 by all the rockers is very difficult, because there is so much hidden under the short word u0022rocku0022 that it cannot be replaced, even if you try hard. If you need a symbol that will unite the heterogeneous audience as much as possible, then it’s better to turn to the end of the 70s, when hard rock was on the stage, having become a transition from a light rock’n’roll to heavier genres.

Engage Logo
Maroners Rock Logo
Ohio River Trail Council Logo
Ozzy Osbourne Logo

How to choose the right elements?

Metal-group should have an emblem in which the main role is played by chrome parts with sharp corners and other metal surroundings. Punks like everything unnatural and mystical.

Rock N Roll Logo
Rock Party Logo
Radio Rock Logo
Linkin Park Logo

How to choose the right colors?

As for the logo’s color filling, pay more attention to black, brown, red, metallic for classic rock and heavier styles, adding more green if the mark is needed by punks.A classic example of a rock logo belongs to Metallica, Rolling Stones, Linkin Park and Bon Jovi.

Metallica Logo
Rolling Stones Logo
Bon Jovi Logo
Black Snake Logo

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