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Compare ZenBusiness Money vs QuickBooks to discover why new businesses and entrepreneurs benefit from our free service.

ZenBusiness Money
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Powerful accounting software package ideal for companies with employees and heavy accounting needs.

Free option to manage all your business finances such as invoicing, payments and tax deductions in one place.

Perfect for Solopreneurs
Ideal for Large Companies
Syncs to Bank Account
Expense Tracking
Ease of Use

Experience the ZenBusiness Difference

Made for New Entrepreneurs

ZenBusiness is about helping entrepreneurs without a lot of business experience build their dream business, and that’s reflected in our ZenBusiness Money tool. Sure, QuickBooks is packed with accounting features. But do you need them? 

Solopreneurs will benefit from ZenBusiness Money: Having a single place to easily handle invoicing, receive payments, track expenses, and view valuable insights.

Free Option Available

Don’t worry about another upfront expense. Enjoy our standard features — like invoicing, automatically tracking tax deductions, receiving payments, and more for free.

The most affordable QuickBooks package is $30.00 per month. Aside from a free trial, no free option is available.

Let us help you

QuickBooks is a powerful option, but it’s just another program to learn if you’re not familiar with the software.

ZenBusiness Money was designed with you in mind. We’ll send reminders, offer friendly notifications, and guide you through our software. ZenBusiness Money is designed around top-quality service.

ZenBusiness Money is designed for today

Like you, we’re looking to the future. Small business owners and entrepreneurs need a simple dashboard with all their business finances in one location. ZenBusiness Money provides just that. Easily scan through your information and make adjustments on the fly.

Your business is growing, and we’re ready to grow with you.

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