Business Card Design: Creative Examples for Inspiration

There are three things you can watch forever: fire burning, water flowing, and young businessmen creating their first business card. These guys know first-hand that, although small, a business card goes a long way. If designed properly, it can increase your sales, boost your company recognition, and foster your business relationships. But what if you’ve read dozens of guides and browsed through hundreds of designs but inspiration is reluctant to guide you? There is no need to worry. It’s a pretty common situation among startupers, regardless of the industry they’re working in.

This article is a helping hand we’re giving to all aspiring entrepreneurs who found themselves stuck for ideas. Below, we’ve put together a list of inspiring concepts for your business card template. We’re sure this will help!

  1. Multi-functional cards
  2. Pop-up cards
  3. Hand-made cards
  4. Transparent plastic cards
  5. Wooden cards
  6. Original cards
  7. Metallic cards
  8. 3D cards
  9. Origami cards

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Multi-functional cards

In addition to providing your contact information, a multi-functional business card can perform some useful function. Of course, this function shouldn’t by all means be random. The trick is that it must be related to what you do. If you’re a graphic designer, you can create a card with a tiny ruler on it. If you own a repairs shop, a set of wrenches inside your metallic business card will be more than appropriate. In fact, it’s like giving your audience free samples of your products or services.
It’s tiny details like these that win people’s hearts and turn them into loyal supporters of your brand. Surprise your clients and partners with an unexpected but practical gift, and they’ll give back to you by mentioning it to everyone they know. And what can be better than advertising that doesn’t cost you a cent?


Pop-up cards

In the recent years, playful pop-up business cards have challenged their boring traditional counterparts. When you open such a card, you see a three-dimensional object unfolding in front of your eyes. It can be a building, car, Christmas tree, sofa, and whatnot. Although looking surreal, pop-up designs have nothing to do with magic. It’s what a creative approach to branding is all about. Onefold business cards can also be transformers! By using the pre-made cuts on your card, the person can form it into a voluminous composition. This scenario requires even more interaction, encouraging the user to play with your card. And who wouldn’t like to relive their childhood memories and become a kid again?
Since the flexible part of your card will certainly grab all the attention, make sure it reflects what your company does and goes in line with your corporate branding. A pop-up card is nothing short of an artwork, meaning that you must make it good or not make it at all.


Hand-made cards

“If you want something done right, do it yourself.” This must be the motto of the entrepreneurs who choose to scrupulously create their business cards by hand. While this is definitely the cheapest way to make a business card, economy is not the only factor in the game. Crafted by a talented person, a hand-made design looks sophisticated and intricate. It shows the amount of thought and hard work you’ve put into the process.
Custom business cards are the best option for representatives of artistic careers, such as painters, designers, architects, sculptors, photographers, and the like. A hand-made design goes beyond its informative function, representing a part of your inner world and imagination. It’s a really valuable gift that creates a profound emotional bond between the author and the recipient.


Transparent plastic cards

The best thing about plastic business cards is their longevity. Water-resistant and durable, they will remain readable and visually appealing much longer than their fragile paper counterparts. A plastic business card is usually 0.3 mm thick, which makes it more than twice thinner than a bank card. Plastic designs are very flexible and almost impossible to break. These advantages make plastic one of the most popular materials for business cards nowadays. Transparent plastic cards are worth a special mention. Whether with a glossy or matt surface, such a solution is a sure win.


Wooden cards

Considering the popularity of the eco trend, wooden business cards have gained a very strong fan base. Crafted from high-quality veneer sheets, such designs are only 0.5 mm thick, which makes them almost weightless. For maximum longevity, wooden business cards should be stored in a special case and kept away from water.
Wooden cards are an obvious choice for professionals working with timber, such as furniture manufacturers, carpenters, woodchoppers, etc. Also, wood is an ideal material for communicating warmth, trust, and homeyness. If you can use these qualities to characterize your brand, you should probably consider a wooden card.


Original cards

If you allow us a metaphor, a business card is like a herald whose main task is to grab everyone’s attention and make the world know about your company. In the society oversaturated with catchy content and clever tricks, how do you come to the spotlight? This is where a unique, original business card comes into play. If you’re a photographer, why not make your card in the form of a neat camera? To promote your air freight services, invite the recipient to fold your business card into an airplane. People tend to admire such designs for days, taking them all over the place to show others. This is a smart way to make the person remember what products or services you provide without even realizing that! This is a perfect example of one small thing successfully replacing hundreds of words.


Metallic cards

How about adding a shiny touch to your branding? After making a good start in the corporate world, metallic business card have been holding their position ever since. Who wouldn’t want their company to be represented by a design that looks edgy and unusual? By choosing metal, you’re demonstrating your status and established reputation. Metallic cards are pretty expensive but it’s a fair price to pay for their durability. Made from a variety of metals (from stainless steel to gold), metallic designs are usually 0.5 to 0.8 mm thick. Can’t decide which metal to choose? Order a sample of each, scrutinize them, and pick the one that feels right!


3D cards

Films, video games, books…It seems like everything nowadays has its three-dimensional version. Adopting the innovative trend, graphic designers have come up with beautiful cards that create amazing optical illusions. To give your design a voluminous feel, you can add embossing, apply a special cover or use different textures. 3D effect is a great way to give emphasis to the selected parts of your card. With a few simple tricks, you can transform your design into an intriguing artwork!


Origami cards

Have you ever tried to fold an origami figure? What about an origami business card? Yes, they do exist, and they look incredible! There is no way you can receive such a card and simply forget about it. An origami card is a direct invitation to discover a secret hidden in it. With a few simple hand moves, a seemingly ordinary card can be transformed into a flower, swan, ship or anything that stands for what you’re doing professionally. Origami designs are especially popular among art-related companies and those involved with oriental culture. Come on, business doesn’t have to be serious all the time. There is always a place for nice surprises and smiles. Open up to your clients and partners, and they’ll be grateful to you for your sincerity!


We hope that these ideas will help you make a long-awaited progress in creating a memorable and effective business card. Don’t let fear or doubts stop you from having the branding your company deserves. Grab an interesting concept and evolve it into a breathtaking business card! Create your first business card design with ZenBusiness. Enter the company name below and create!

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