How to Create a Branded Postage Stamp

Swarovski crystals, scent of coffee beans or chocolate…What would you choose for your postage stamp? A branded postage stamp is the easiest and smartest way to make your business correspondence stand out. Read on to find out more!

  1. Countries that allow custom postage stamps
  2. Examples of custom stamps
  3. Smart ways to use your branded postage stamp
  4. Convenient services for creating custom stamps
  5. Final considerations

Countries that allow custom postage stamps

Postage stamps fall into two big categories. The first category refers to actual stamps with protective elements which indicate that your postage has been paid. The second category performs a purely decorative, collectible function and are used as souvenirs and corporate gifts.

In this article, we’ll talk about stamps that belong in the first category. Many countries offer a great opportunity to print a unique postage stamp with your corporate elements on it. The main thing is that your design must not contain images of political, unethical, etc. nature.

Post-Soviet states

You’ll have no trouble issuing custom postage stamps in Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, and other former Soviet countries. For more details, be sure to check the official website of your country’s postal service provider.


The services of designing and printing a corporate stamp are also available in many European countries, including Austria, Germany, Norway, and others.


In the USA, the situation is slightly different. Postage stamps are manufactured by private companies which are licensed by USPS, the federal agency responsible for providing postal services in the US. These companies are authorized to print and sell custom postage stamps that meet the USPS standards.

Attention! On the web, there is plenty of online services that design postage stamps based on your uploaded image or photo. Keep in mind that such products are mostly collectible, meaning you can’t use them as a payment for postage. Be sure to check this information before placing an order.

Examples of custom stamps

Designing a noteworthy postage stamp is a true challenge for any designer, even a consummate one. Why? Because you have a very limited space to convey your idea. For a inventive designer, this is a great opportunity to tap into unusual geometric shapes and rare materials.

The most common geometry includes a rectangle (in horizontal or vertical orientation) and square. These geometric shapes look best on standard envelopes. Also, postage stamps come in a variety of other forms, such as a triangle, trapezium, circle, diamond, octagon, etc. Need something more engaging? Then you can design your art piece in the shape of your country or symbol that has a special meaning for your brand is . 

As for materials, No.1 on the list is paper (no surprise here). It’s not uncommon that businesses enhance their stamps with various effects, such as foil embossing, fluorescent finishing, varnishing, etc. Some companies push the boundaries by printing their stamps on silk, gold, wood, and other unconventional surfaces.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our list of top 8 insane stamp designs that will blow your mind.

  • The Swarovski brand, together with the Austrian postal service, embellished a swan stamp with iconic sparkling crystals.
  • A nice surprise for those who have the habit of licking stamps! The Royal Mail of Great Britain created stamps with the taste of milk, dark, and white chocolate. The delicious stamps were sold in packs that resembled chocolate bars.
Chocolate Mail
  • In Portugal, you can find envelopes with the image of a cork tree, a globally recognized symbol of the country.
Cork Tree
  • To celebrate the European Football Championship, the Austrian postal service provider came up with a visually striking football-themed stamp.  
European football championship
  • Brazil is known for its coffee stamp. Covered with a special substance that contains coffee beans, the stamp smells like the iconic beverage that plays a huge role in the country’s culture, economy, and everyday life! 
Coffee Mail
  • Another amazing idea coming from Austria! There, a stamp was covered with meteoric dust.
Meteroid Stamp
  • Butane designed a stamp in the form of a phonograph record with folklore tales and myths. A true art piece on your envelope!
  • To pay homage to one of its national crafts, Austria issued a series of embroidered postage stamps.
embroidered postage stamp

Smart ways to use your branded postage stamp

When it comes to branding, every tiny thing matters. An original postage stamp with your logo on it will add a visual appeal to your letters and give you an edge over competitors. Need ideas? Find out how you can use your custom design to the maximum.

Types of business correspondence:

  • greeting cards;
  • invitations;
  • letters of appreciation;
  • catalogues;
  • business letters;
  • invoices;
  • selling proposals;
  • packages with small corporate gifts and products.

Clever tips:

  • Start with a logo. Creating a corporate logo is a big deal. Since you’re going to use your emblem on a stamp, you need to make sure your logo stays recognizable and legible even in small size. With the ZenBusiness online maker, you can generate an emblem in a few clicks and customize it. 
  • Choose the right color and shape. Think about the background color of your design. Also, what geometric shape can convey your brand idea in the best way? Remember that unusual colors and forms tend to evoke a powerful emotional response from the audience.  
  • Choose the suitable material. Regular paper, varnish or gold embossing? Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the best material and finishing for your art piece. 
  • Craft a branded envelope to fit with your stamp. Use your corporate hues, symbols, slogan, or funny mascot. Visually attractive envelopes get opened 69% more often than regular ones.  
  • Create seasonal variations of your stamp. Create special series of stamps for New Year, Pasqua, Halloween, and other holidays and major events.

Convenient services for creating custom stamps

Ukrposhta (Ukraine)

Use the official website of Ukrposhta to place a print order for your branded stamps. Upload your file in any of these formats: TIFF, JPEG, JPG, PSD, AI or EPS. Your image must be 300 dpi or more.

custom post stamp in Ukraine

Photostamps (USA)

Before uploading your file, make sure it’s saved in one of the suitable formats (GIF, PNG, JPEG, JPG) and has a resolution of 600 px x 600 px or more. Adjust the size and background colors of your image, if necessary. Done! Now you’re all set to place a print order.

custom post stamp in US


The bad news is that you can’t upload your own image. You can only choose from the available templates and customize them by adding your text and preferred colors. How about enhancing your stamp with your brand name?

custom post stamp in EU

Final considerations

A custom postage stamp is a great way to raise your brand awareness and add gravitas to your business correspondence. Don’t be afraid to design a unique stamp and pair it with an impressive envelope. Your recipients will open your letters with a smile on their faces!  

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