How to Create a Postal Service Logo?

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General information

A postal service logo is a corporate image, which can deliver a package to your target audience, containing the most pleasant associations with your company.

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How to choose the right colors?

A postal service logo has to evoke a direct association with the services the company provides. Traditional colors such as red, blue, white or black are used the most often for this purpose. Images of envelopes, wings, fast animals or birds, delivery vehicles or abstractions are typical for postal service logos.

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How to choose the best name?

State postal services often use the name of the country in their title, combined with words associated with novelty (e.g. new, neo, nova). Sometimes the name can include information about delivery methods or other details. The best fonts to use are slab serif (e.g. Clarendon, Candida Bold) or sans serif (e.g. Helvetica Bold, Calibri).

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