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When you form a  new corporation, nonprofit,  or LLC, you must file an initial report with the state government. Here’s how to file an initial list in Nevada.

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There are many requirements you need to fulfill to keep your business entity compliant with Nevada law. One of these requirements is filing an initial report. For corporations, this is known as the Initial List of Officers and Directors and State Business License. For limited liability companies, it’s the Initial List Managers/Managing Members and State Business License.

All corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) must file a Nevada initial list with the Secretary of State’s office when they file their Articles of Incorporation. After that, they must submit an annual list every year. 

What is an initial list?

A Nevada initial list is the first list that registered business entities need to submit to comply with Nevada regulations. It details a business entity’s key people and other information. All Nevada corporations must submit initial lists. Moreover, unlike in some states, Nevada LLCs need to submit an initial list as well.

If you don’t file a correct Nevada initial list or annual list on time along with the required fee, the Nevada Secretary of State can put your business in default and have its corporate charter revoked. 

Initial list requirements

There are several additional things to keep in mind when filing initial lists in Nevada. For one, businesses generally need to file their initial list with their Articles of Incorporation. Then you’ll have to submit an annual list every year after that. 

Filing methods

You can mail, fax, or email your Nevada initial list (or annual list) to the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office. 

What information is required for an initial or annual list?

An Nevada initial list needs to include:

Finally, you’ll need to have an officer/manager or some other person specifically authorized by the company sign the list.


If you submit your list by email, you will receive a response that the initial list has been received. If you file by mail, you won’t receive any further information from the state unless the initial list is rejected for not conforming to the required format. 

Annual Lists

In Nevada, your business needs to file an annual list every year after incorporating. These lists mainly serve to keep the state aware of any changes to the company. Most states refer to these as annual reports.

Annual lists must be filed on or before the last day of the business’s month of organization. So, if your business was originally registered with the state in August, you’ll need to submit your annual list each year before August 31st.

While Nevada annual lists take only a few minutes to file, it can be a major hassle having to remember to submit the form every year. That’s why ZenBusiness offers a simple, convenient annual report filing service, which is also a feature in our Worry-Free Compliance service. Let us focus on keeping you compliant while you grow your business!

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A Nevada initial list is just one of the many moving pieces you’ll need to think about after you’ve started a business entity. Don’t worry if it all seems a bit overwhelming. 

At ZenBusiness, we’re dedicated to offering new business owners the various tools and services they need to achieve their goals. Whether you want to change your business structure, start a Nevada LLC or corporation, maintain compliance with your state’s laws, or enlist the help of a registered agent service, we’re standing by to help you. 
If you have more questions, see our list of services and learn how we can help you keep your business entity compliant.

Filing Your Initial List FAQs

  • Is an initial corporate list the same as the annual list in Nevada?

    Yes. The initial list is just the first list that your corporation must file with the State of Nevada.

  • Do I need a lawyer to file an initial list in Nevada?

    No. However, the list must be signed by an officer of the business.

  • How much does it cost to file an initial list in Nevada?

    Fee schedules are subject to change. You can find the current initial list filing fee at

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