Women’s Clothing Store Name: Original Examples and Tips

  1. Five steps for naming a women’s clothing store
  2. Examples of women’s clothing store names
  3. How to use a name in branding

Original, harmonious, evoking positive emotions, and understandable to the target audience. These are the main requirements for the name of a women’s clothing boutique. In the article, we will describe how to come up with such a name step by step. Also, let’s take a look at naming techniques used by well-known brands in this niche.

Five steps for naming a women’s clothing store

Do you want to create a name that reflects the brand’s personality? Then start with a thorough analysis and move on to brainstorming and choosing suitable titles.

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Step 1. Analyze

Determine the identity of the business and the specifics of the target audience. Answer the questions about the nature of the brand and what segment of customers you are going to work with: young, conservative, wealthy, etc. This is the basis on which you will build naming.

Step 2. Choose a strategy

The basis for the name can be a variety of elements – from specific characteristics to the mission of the brand, for example:

  • Product features. Emphasize the main characteristic or type of clothing: fabrics, cut or purpose, handmade or exclusive decor. But be careful with naming based on a specific product: today, you sell only swimwear, and tomorrow, expand the line to homewear – and the name will lose its relevance.
  • Emotion. Refer to sensual images. Tell what a woman will become like when she buys your clothes (seductive, free, bright, brave), or create a bright image that conveys the right mood.

Step 3. Gather ideas

Write dozens of associations related to your brand. Do not limit your imagination and write whatever comes to mind – this way, you will open the way for creative ideas.

Step 4. Generate

It’s time to come up with names based on the association map. You can do this manually or use the free ZenBusiness online generator. Enter different keywords combinations one by one and get creative options for boutique names. To visualize them, you can immediately create a logo based on the names you like.

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Step 5. Check 

Make a list of several names and check if it is compliant with the following criteria:

  • Simple: easy to read, understand, pronounce, and remember.
  • Informative or emotional: explains who you are or creates an image/emotion that draws you to the brand.
  • Unique: unlike competitors’ names, it allows you to register a trademark and domain name for the site.
  • Actual: does not depend on the specifics of your products and market.

Discard names that do not meet these criteria and choose one name.

Examples of women’s clothing store names

Let’s back up the theory with practice: we will analyze what naming techniques used by well-known women’s clothing stores.

Evening dress showroom


The name of the British store Little Black Dress refers to the legendary invention of Coco Chanel – a little black dress. Or rather, what stands behind it: an innovative spirit, style, beauty, inspiration.

Casual clothes and accessories store


The name of the American store Red Dress Boutique is also based on the mission: to bring bright colors, happiness, and confidence into every woman’s life.

Elite women’s clothing store

The abbreviation DKNY is known all over the world, and the name of the fashion house is simply deciphered – by the name of the founder and home of the brand: Donna Karan, New York.


Turkish clothing store 


FIMKA, one of the largest Turkish clothing stores, shows the names of the founders: Fethi, Ismail, and Mehmet Köseliören.

Lingerie boutique


The French brand Etam got its name from the physical characteristics of the product – the fabric “etamine” which was used to make linen at the dawn of the company’s founding in 1916.

Youth clothing store

A bright image addressed to the target audience – such a technique was used by the Forever 21 store, which attracts young women.


How to use a name in branding  

The main branding tool for any offline store is an attractive sign. Also, the name should be used in the interior, the shop assistant’s uniform, promotional printing products (business cards, booklets, catalogs). A website with your name, as well as social networks and banner advertising, will become the best promotion tool on the Internet.


Be prepared to spend a few days developing a name for a women’s clothing store: in a competitive market, it’s not easy to stand out and make a name for yourself. Do not skip the analysis stage and use all your creativity: a stylish modern name will strengthen the brand and attract buyers to you.

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