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Women’s Clothing Store Name

Women’s Clothing Name Ideas

Follow our step-by-step guide to naming a women’s clothing store business or use the business generator form below to see if your business name is available to register as a domain.

Get a quick list of a women’s clothing company domain names to use as inspiration!

If you’re looking to start a women’s clothing brand or women’s apparel store, you’ve got a lot of exciting but important tasks ahead of you. One of them is coming up with clothing name ideas so you can pick the perfect moniker for your business. 

Naming a clothing store or apparel business can feel overwhelming, but that’s where this guide can help. We’ll talk you through some rules for your name, some ways to get the inspiration flowing, and how to help protect your name once you’ve picked it. The categories of women’s clothing name ideas listed in this article includes:

Naming a Women’s Clothing Store

Curating a women’s apparel brand is part art, part science: you need to analyze market trends and research your customer preferences, but you also need to choose pieces that speak to you (and your customers) and display your merchandise beautifully. Some of it’s data-driven and bound by the rules of business, and some of it is driven by your love for fashion and self-expression. 

Naming your business is also part art, part science. You’ll need to follow some rules and essential steps, but you’ll also have to embrace your own creativity. Here are some steps you can follow to make the process a little easier. 

Step 1: Do some market research

Research the preferences of your ideal customer in the fashion industry. What will your customers like in a name? Who are your target customers? How old are they? What fashion brands are they already shopping at? 

This research might seem like a hassle at first, but nailing down what your customers like will have a big impact on the name you pick. For example, if your ideal customer is a working professional who wants trendy but easy-to-style workwear, you’ll probably choose a name that’s classic but modern. If you’re targeting green-conscious consumers, you might want to include words in your name that highlight your commitment to the planet. A brand tailored to younger consumers might pick an edgier name instead. 

Step 2: Try out brainstorming methods

Play some word games to help generate some clothing brand name ideas. What emotions come to mind when you think of your brand? What words do you immediately think of when you hear the names of articles of clothing or different colors? Writing down different word associations might get your creative juices flowing. For example, you might start with the word “sandal” and think of “sunshine” or “seashells,” which might remind you of a favorite childhood vacation spot that could inspire your name. 

You can also play around with “punny” names, alliterative names (where all the words start with the same letter or sound), and so much more. Some business owners like to take a common phrase and twist it a little for a fun play on words. Using a clothing brand name generator can also be helpful if you’re feeling really stuck.

Another option is to think of the names of other women’s clothing brands that inspire you. Why do you like those names? Can you create something that has a similar resonance but stands out as unique? 

Step 3: Follow a few naming rules

Once you’ve picked a few names you like, you’ll need to check that you’re meeting some basic legal and practical requirements. For legal requirements, you’ll need to ensure that your name doesn’t infringe on any federally or state-protected names. If you’re a state-registered business entity like an LLC or corporation, you can’t use the same name that another business in your state has already registered.

You should also check that you’re not including any prohibited words. Every state has its own rules, but generally, you can’t include profanity or imply that you’re affiliated with a government organization.

But on a more practical level, there are some best-practice “rules” to stick to. Your name should be: 

  • Easy to say and spell
  • Relatively short and simple
  • Unique
  • Something you like!

In the grand scheme of things, there aren’t an inordinate amount of rules for naming a business. Stick to these and you’ll be well on your way to naming your new women’s apparel business. 

Step 4: Test out your clothing brand name

Once you’ve picked a few names you like from your list of clothing line name ideas, it’s time to see what other people think. Tell people your top name choices. You can ask friends and family members, of course, but ideally, get the opinions of women from your target market. What do they think? Does your name evoke the desired response? Does it have any connotations you weren’t expecting? Is it memorable?

You can be elaborate with this, but you don’t have to be. Even just a few “focus groups” of half a dozen people from your target audience can give you good insight into which of your potential names work well. 

Inspirational Women’s Clothing Name Ideas

Still looking for some inspiration? Here are some women’s clothing business idea names you can customize and use for your new apparel company. Disclaimer: With any business name (including these), it’s your responsibility to check that your desired name is available and doesn’t infringe on any claimed names in your state.

Chic and Sophisticated Names

Will your boutique offer a sophisticated shopping experience and a chic selection to rival the nicest shop in Paris? You’ll need a name to match. 

Elegance AvenueChic Charms BoutiqueModish Muse
Serene SilhouettesVogue VisionsSophistique Styles
Luxe Lady ApparelCouture ClassGlamour Grace
Posh Peony

Bohemian and Vintage Clothing Names

Will your women’s clothing business give 1950s vibes or show off the latest boho styles? Here are unique clothing brand names that can fit a free-spirited or nostalgic shop:

Boho Bliss BoutiqueRetro RadianceVintage Verve
Nomadic NostalgiaAntique AuraMystic Mosaic
Old Soul OutfittersTimeless TreasuresWanderlust Wardrobe
Ethereal Attire

Edgy and Trendy Names

If you’re trying to create a cool clothing brand that will push the envelope a bit or pursue the latest, hippest trends, you’ll need a name that fits your ahead-of-the-curve aesthetic. 

Trend TriggersEdge EnvyUrban Utopia
Rebel RoseModa MaverickChic Shock
Vogue VandalSassy StitchesNeon Niche
Fashion Forward

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Fashion Names

Whether your shop will curate the most planet-friendly brands or you’ll combat fast fashion with resale or ethical disposal for old clothes, your name should reflect your green values. 

Green Goddess GarmentsEco EleganceSustainable Style
Verde VogueEthical EssenceOrganic Ornaments
EcoChic BoutiqueBiodegradable BeautyRenewed Threads
Earthy Elegance

Luxury and High-End Fashion Names

If your shop will offer the “crème de la crème” brands, luxury fabrics, and silhouettes straight out of Fashion Week, you’ll need a name that exudes class. 

Luxe LegacyOpulent OutfitsHigh Society Habits
Prestige PatternsElite EnsemblesSplendor Space
Majesty ModesRegal RobesExquisite Elegance
Velvet Vogue

Clever and Fun Names

If your brand’s fun-loving environment will put your customers at ease from the moment they first encounter your styles, you’ll need a name that’s witty, whimsical, or a bit of both. 

Chic FlickPuns & RosesKnot Just Clothes
Sew FabulousHaute & HumorousWhimsy Wardrobe
Playful PatternsThreads & TreadsFrolic Fashion
Lively Labels

Locally Inspired Clothing Brand Names

Proud of your town and local heritage? If you’d like, you can integrate your city name into the name of your clothing line, appealing to your target audience. Here are just a few ways you can do this for your own clothing company:

  1. Aspen Aura Apparel – Inspired by the cozy, upscale vibe of Aspen, Colorado.
  2. Savannah Sunsets Boutique – Evoking the romantic, historic charm of Savannah, Georgia.
  3. Brooklyn Bridge Threads – Urban, edgy fashion inspired by the iconic New York City landmark.
  4. Napa Valley Vintage – Wine country-inspired, with a focus on luxurious, timeless pieces.
  5. Sierra Silhouettes – Outdoor and adventure wear inspired by the Sierra Nevada mountains.
  6. Cape Cod Classics – Nautical and preppy styles inspired by the seaside charm of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
  7. Parisian Petals Fashion – Chic and sophisticated, inspired by the romance of Paris, France.
  8. Venice Vibes Wear – Casual, bohemian styles inspired by the laid-back atmosphere of Venice Beach, California.
  9. Kyoto Kimono Co. – Modern fashion infused with traditional Japanese elements from Kyoto.
  10. Austin Echoes Attire – Music and culture-inspired casual wear reflecting the vibrant scene of Austin, Texas.

These are, of course, just a few examples of local clothing business names. You can create your own unique twist for your city or town.

Names of Popular Women’s Clothing and Fashion Brands

If you’re still not sure what to name your new women’s clothing brand, here are some existing, successful women’s apparel brand names you can draw inspiration from. From budget-friendly to luxury and everything in between, there’s a brand and a name for everyone.

  • Lululemon
  • Altar’d State
  • Lulu’s
  • Francescas
  • Express
  • White House Black Market
  • DKNY
  • Quince
  • Anthropologie
  • Athleta

Finalizing and Protecting Your Brand Name

After you’ve taken the time to pick and perfect your brand name, it’s time to ensure all that hard work doesn’t go to waste. You’ll want to register your name in your state, ideally as the name of a registered LLC or corporation or as a DBA. You should also register a matching domain name for your business website. There’s also the option to register your name as a trademark, but this isn’t required. 

Registering Your Name

One of the quickest ways to get your name protected is to register your business as an LLC or corporation. That’s because every state protects the business names of its own LLCs and corporations. If someone has registered a business under a given name, no one else in the state is allowed to use that name. 

To register your name in this way, you’ll need to file paperwork in your state. Most states call these forms the Articles of Organization (for LLCs) or the Articles of Incorporation (for corporations). Then, going forward, your state will reject any businesses that try to register under your name. 

Filing a DBA

If you prefer to operate as an unincorporated business like a sole proprietorship or partnership, then the registration we mentioned above won’t be an option for you. That’s where a DBA, or “Doing Business As” name comes in handy. A DBA is like a business nickname, allowing you to do business under something different than your legal name. Since sole proprietorships and partnerships technically have the legal names of their owners, this can be a serious perk. 

The DBA registration process varies a bit from state to state. Typically, you’ll file paperwork with your Secretary of State or your county clerk and pay the associated filing fee. 

One cautionary note, however: many states don’t legally protect registered DBAs, meaning there could be multiple businesses using the same DBA. But registering your name will add your DBA to state records, at least discouraging others from using the same name to stay unique. 

Setting Up Your Online Presence

Regardless of your business type, you’ll need to set up an online presence, beginning with a business website. But you want it to be easy for customers to find you online — which means you should match your domain name to your business name. We can help you register your domain name with minimal hassle. 

It’s also best to claim social media handles as soon as you have a name chosen. That way, you can claim handles that match your name so customers will have an easier time finding you online.

Employing Your Name in Your Brand Identity

A good business name is only effective if you put it to good use building your brand identity. Integrate your name into as many aspects of your business as you can: your logo, your signage, your visual and audio advertisements, your uniforms, and more. When you talk about your business, tie your name in with your brand story or your tagline, making it easy for customers to associate your mission with your name. 

There isn’t necessarily a “right or wrong” way to do this; just be intentional about it.

We can help you start a clothing company

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the more technical, “red tape” aspects of naming your women’s clothing store, don’t worry. ZenBusiness can help. Whether you want to get a business website, register your LLC or corporation, or most everything in between, we have your back. We’ll handle the paperwork so you can focus on what you love: curating and selling your favorite fashion picks.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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