7 Ways To Boost Your Conversions Through Social Media

Over 3 billion people use social media and every second sees 11 new social media users emerge. These phenomenal stats show that the opportunities for businesses are immense on social media channels, provided the marketer knows how to harness these opportunities. The vastness of social media creates a lot of confusion. The target market keeps on evolving, as people and communities create different trends almost every day.

Focus on engagement and conversion

A social media campaign converts into a high ROI only if you prepare and implement smartly. Building strong audience relationship is important on social media. But, at the same time, you can’t forget about the ultimate goal, which is more engagement and higher conversions.

You can brand your business as much as you like on social media. But it only matters if you can justify your investment with conversions with a bit of help from experts in the field.

With that approach in mind, you can utilize these 7 techniques to boost your conversions.

1. Highlight and solve problems for audiences

People constantly struggle with uncertainties, fears, and doubts on a daily basis. The lack of information is the biggest reason why people face problems.

Solving problems is the best way you can attract audiences and boost conversions. You need to find issues and present your business as a solution. This should be done with a genuine sense of providing help. More people will start following your brand on social media if you get this right on a long-term basis. And that will turn into a higher rate of conversions.

2. Optimize eCommerce landing pages

Once the readers are hooked to the social media, they will naturally want to explore more about the brand’s website. If the brand is into online retail, they would expect a seamless and fulfilling user experience. For this reason, it makes sense to get a customized user and mobile friendly landing web pages with the help of extensions and CMS like Magento and optimize it for user experience, searchability, images, product descriptions, navigation, site speed, security, responsiveness, shipping, and cart functionality, you can use extensions and optimize landing pages for better conversation. This way, shoppers who are attracted by the social media forums can carry on their shopping on the eCommerce website and help the brand to generate revenues via online retail.

3. Smartly schedule interactions on social media

Social media gives you worldwide exposure in terms of followers. But the same exposure presents difficulties when you want to interact with your audiences.

There are different time zones, which require a smart organization of social media interactions, webinars, and live videos. You need to analyze and find a time period, during which, most of your followers stay online. These are known as the peak hours and they change depending on the time zones you target on social media.

Another important aspect is the consistency of interaction. You can interact only once a week, but you should skip a week or two in between. Decide regular and consistent time periods for every week. This is possible with various automated tools to post content. Plus, you can manually interact to create loyalty and strong relationship. This helps in boosting conversions.

4. Find a way to repurpose and re-post content

There is a vast community of followers on social media. You expect all of them to see your content with a single post. That is why systematic scheduling is important. But at the same time, you don’t want to present the same content to the same audience group.

In that case, you can repurpose your content and make it unique before sharing. For example, you can share a blog post with a simple tagline in the beginning. But then, try adding more questions related to that post. This will attract more people.

5. Follow channel-based optimization

All social media channels work differently. The priority based on text, images, and videos changes with respect to the platform you choose. Which is why you have to become aware of the standard optimization techniques for each channel you want to target.

For example, the strength of hashtags (#) is outstanding on Twitter. And, you can win a lot of impressions with images on Pinterest or Instagram.

Knowing all this, you can optimize your messages according to the platform and win maximum rewards.

6. Become authoritative and trusted

Random brands come and easily fade away on social media. This is because those brands fail to win the trust of people. You have to be authoritative with the quality of presence you acquire on social media.

It all starts with high-quality content, which audiences can relate to. Plus, you need to stay away from irritating your followers with too many pitches. Consistency is more important than the frequency of posting content.

Win audiences with your ability to provide quality solutions and stay available to resolve their problems. Provide two-way communication, as it is the whole point of social media. Then, you can expect more conversions with your social media efforts.

7. Use data analytics to modify your approach

Social media platforms offer great insights regarding the performance. You can use these insights to boost your conversions. For instance, you can track the range of your content on social media. The number of likes, shares, and comments help in finding the interests of audiences.

Data monitoring gives you a chance to gradually ensure a boost in terms of marketing quality. This way, you can modify your approach and get more conversions.

To sign off

Smart brands utilize every possible way to stay relatable, impressive and trustworthy. Following these aspects and more, you can increase conversions achieved from social media channels.

You can start by studying your target market and social media channels. Then, incorporate the plans in your brand-specific strategy. The execution part will take some patience and determination for sure. But the outcome is sure worth the wait.

Chris Myers is a writer, blogger, and digital media journalist. He has a BA in English and Journalism and a wide ranging background in digital media.

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