How branded stationery can benefit your business?

What can one do to take marketing efforts to the next level if they have a nice website, several pages on social networks, properly working advertising, and even promotional materials? What can you do when you have flyers, brochures, badges, and business cards that remind the customer about your company?

The most important thing to do is always be in sight. One of the best ways to do this is via branded stationery.Every time your customers use a pen with your logo, they will unconsciously think about your brand, thus promoting it among the people around them. It may seem like something unimportant, but if you look at it from a different point of view … What if there are many such items? Let’s say three, five, eight, or even sixteen? They will be right before people’s eyes, constantly reminding them about you and, thus, increasing brand awareness and loyalty, which will ultimately boost sales and improve relations with your customers.


  1. What are the main benefits of branded products for your business and why bother making them?
  2. The most popular methods of product branding
  3. Top 8 not really obvious but obligatory stationery items for corporate branding
  4. Other useful products for branding purposes
  5. Let’s sum it up

What are the main benefits of branded products for your business and why bother making them?

At first, it might seem that stationery products are relics from the past, something originating in the era of dinosaurs. However, even in the modern digital world, they play an integral part in the daily life of each individual, as well as business in general. Below are several reasons why you should think about displaying your company name and logo on all corporate blanks.

It‘s easy to see
Dozens of people will see tiny papers like notes, Post-It stickers, and other stationery before throwing them away. Try to remember the last letter you received. Chances are high (almost 99%) that the sender’s logo was on the front or back of the envelope.

Unlike other branded products, such as sunglasses or wide-format banners, stationery items are much more affordable due to the materials as well as the resources/energy required to produce them. Though they are inexpensive, they are used by everyone.

Huge variety
There are lots of options. Pens, notebooks, envelopes, blanks, cards, folders, calendars, bags, duct tape – the list is long, but the point is, there are many things that people use daily, and all of them can be used to constantly promote and support your brand. And what’s most important:

Regardless of what material is used to make the item, modern printing technologies allow them to be branded easily and affordably.

The most popular methods of product branding

There are several ways to put your company brand on virtually any surface. Modern technologies allow for the adding of any symbols and patterns to a huge variety of materials: plastic, metal, wood, leather, synthetic materials, fabrics, ceramics, and so on.

Here are the most popular printing methods:

  • metal surface laser engraving,
  • pad printing,
  • serigraphy,
  • offset printing,
  • stamp printing.

In fact, most companies working in the field of printing or producing branded banners own equipment needed for all required materials. The key goal here is to make sure your corporate style is flexible enough and your logo looks good and clear enough on a stapler, a pencil, or a sign in front of a store. How to prepare branded products for printing – read here.

Top 8 not really obvious but obligatory stationery items for corporate branding

Many people think that by simply printing their corporate blanks with a black-and-white logo in the corner on some old ink printer, they have managed to completely deal with the issue of corporate branding. However, this is far from the truth. Let’s take a look at the eight most demanded and efficient products.

Corporate envelopes

Send documents to your customers and partners using not only corporate blanks but also branded envelopes. By doing so, you can significantly increase the process of letter reading as well as distinguish your envelope from among the dozens of similar white envelopes that the recipient receives.

The envelope format can differ depending on the paper size. The most common ones are С4, С5, С6/С5, and С6. You can easily find them in any printing house.

Duct tape

Do you frequently send products in cardboard boxes? If so, use branded duct tape to pack them. This is not only a great way of preventing your parcels from being opened but also a perfect identification mark. It’s the same with envelopes – one can immediately see who sent this box and what the contents are even before opening it.


This is a convenient and handy accessory. The format of the calendar is not really important. It can be a horizontal calendar for a table or a vertical one for a wall. It can be cardboard or glossy. Calendars are always in sight and used by people. Despite the fact that we have them on our smartphones and laptops, it is still easier to turn your head away from the monitor to check on the day of the week instead of opening an app. Furthermore, a calendar is a perfect choice for corporate gifts. It won’t be thrown away like a card or a leaflet, but instead will be displayed all year long. You shouldn’t forget that adding your company logo will turn a calendar into another advertising tool for your brand.


Do you remember the previous rule? A pen is always in sight. A person who uses a pen with your logo is promoting your brand for free. You can make it even more efficient by ordering high-quality pens with an attractive design.

Mugs and cups

These are the most important instruments of any office employee. A cup of coffee allows you to start your working day full of energy. It is your employees’ best friend and companion during office hours.

However, a regular branded cup is not as interesting as a thermal mug. Hold a contest and give a cup to one of your lucky customers. The winner will always praise your brand in their circle, showing your logo. Other participants will also talk about you in social networks, thus increasing your level of brand awareness.

Notebooks, organizers, and planners

Though we are able to use a wide range of apps and software solutions to take notes and plan, paper notebooks remain very popular. People use them in literally every office. Give branded notebooks to your best customers and partners. This is a perfect way to remind them about your company and to always stay in sight. The most important thing is that your gift won’t be stuffed in a drawer. If the person who received your branded notebook doesn’t personally use it, they will simply give it to someone else, thus continuing to promote you and your brand. Craft notebooks with a stylish, unusual format, as well as heavy paper, leather binding, well-thought-out boxes, and a beautiful design. They tend to stand out, and having your corporate logo displayed will remind customers about your company, creating positive emotions.

Memory sticks

A portable USB storage device is convenient, useful, and cool. No doubt, the cost of purchasing and branding a batch of memory sticks will be higher than that of pens. At the same time, they will bring more value.

Imagine you are making a presentation about a new company product and preparing a set of promotional items, printed materials, and stationery – just a standard package. Add to it a branded memory stick with an electronic version of your presentation, including several extra files. You will not only attract more interest but also offer a practical item for each participant attending the event. That’s because a memory card is a convenient tool for everyday use. And people will always know who it was from. They will remember your company and share information about it with everyone around them.

Plastic bag

A regular plastic bag with your logo on it can be efficiently used during various corporate events, exhibitions, and conferences. Simply put all your promotional materials for distribution among event participants into the bag, including A4 and A5 leaflets, as well as other branded items such as notebooks and memory sticks.

Other useful products for branding purposes

The perfect solution is to use anything you can for branding. However, not every product can guarantee constant and efficient results. At the same time, there’s no need to go over your budget. However, the more stationery items with your logo that you produce, the brighter your overall image in the modern world of advertising and promotion. Here’s a list of the other five products which will increase the overall level of your brand awareness.

Business cards

These are probably among the most demanded and popular products for branding purposes. A business card should be bright, nice to touch, and memorable. Nowadays, one can find a huge variety of designer solutions in this field. Business cards printed on transparent plastic using UV technology are among the most interesting options. They look like something brought from a future world of incredible technologies.

Designing a business card? Check out our selection of creative business card design ideas for inspiration here.


Create unique notepaper with your corporate logo. Many people still use written notes to remind themselves about tasks throughout the day. This means that a new stack of Post-Its is always a great idea. If these are stickers for notes and available in different colors, they will certainly create positive emotions among your customers.

Paper folders

Virtually any company that needs to store more than one sheet of paper must have a special folder among its personalized stationery items. In fact, if all important documents – including bills, invoices, agreements, and printed personal information – fit in a folder, that’s where they are stored. Using paper folders allows one to immediately figure out which type of document is inside.

Business letterheads

Business letterheads are intended to be printed on standard A4 sheets and can usually be found on the header, footer, or both. Business letterheads are intended to help your clients understand who the sender of correspondence and information is.


Are you still looking for a new offline advertising tool for your business? One of the most efficient ways to promote your business is by sending mailouts, advertising leaflets, and printed materials. Branded cards are perfect for printing They are durable and affordable and they can be used for printing a lot of useful information apart from greetings, such as a company logo, website link, and even QR code.

You can send reminders about meetings, oil changes, sales, or promo codes to your most loyal customers, each with your company logo in front or in the middle.


If you are creating invoices for wholesalers or suppliers, branding them will make it easier for others to identify your company. Don’t forget that invoices may offer limited space for your corporate information. Thus, you need to create a special version of your logo within the existing corporate style.

Let’s sum it up

Branded stationery is one of the best ways to remind others about you and to constantly stay in sight. These are not just cute little things; they are necessary tools used by millions of people on a daily basis. If you really want to make your brand recognizable and popular, you must think about ways to establish corporate style in detail. The easiest and most convenient way to create your own corporate style is by using the ZenBusiness online service. It is simple, fast, and affordable. Try it out now, absolutely for free, and see what your logo will look like on different surfaces.

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