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dental office business name ideas

Looking for ideas for naming your dental clinic or dentist practice? Here are 625 catchy dental office names ideas with matching domain names that are available and not taken!

Catchy Dental Clinic Names

These are the best dentist practice names for your dental clinic that are available and not taken!

112 Smile Place
360 Dental
A Little Wider Dentistry
A Smile Brite Dental
A to Z Dentistry
About Smiles Dentistry
Absolute Dental Clinic
Ace Dental Clinic
Adept Dentistry
Aesthetic Dental Care
Aesthetic Dentistry
Affinity Dental
Affirmative Dental Associates

Affordable Family Dental
All Day Smiling Dental
All Pearls Dental Clinic
All Smile Dental Studio
All Smiles Family Dental
All Smilz Dental
All Time Best Dental Practice
AllClear Dental
AllStar Dental
Alpha Dental Care
Angel Dental Solutions
Apex Dental Clinic

Apple Dental Office

Aspire Dental Center
Aura Dental
Basics Dental Care
Bay Breeze Dental
Beam Dental
Beautiful Smile Dental Care
Best Smile Dental Surgery
Better Bite Dentistry
Better Smile Dentistry
Beyond Grin Dentistry
Beyond Smile Dental Offices
Big Smile Dental
Biteworks Dental

Blinding Smile Clinic
Blooming Smile Clinic
Blossom Dental Spas
Braugh Dental
Bright Choice Dental
Bright Dental Clinic
Bright Face Clinic
Bright Smiles Dental
Brighter Smile
BrightLife Dental
BrightWay Dental Clinic
Brilliance Dental
Brite Health Dental

Capital Dental Clinic
CareSource Dental
Caring Pearl Clinic
Centro Dental
Chatterbox Dentistry
Choice Dental Office
Chosen Dentistry
Clean and Bright Dental
Clean Choice Dental
CleanCaps Dental
Clear Choice Dental Clinic
Clover Care Practice
Coastal Dental
Comfort Care Dental Clinic
Comfort Dental Care
Confidence Dental
Confident Dental Care
Cosmetic Dental Spas
Crown Dental Clinic
Crown Dentistry
Crucial Care Family Dental
Custom Dental Arts
Daily Dental
Darling Dentistry

Dazzle Bright Dental
Dedicated Dental
Delighted Dental
Deluxe Dental Care Spas
DentaBright Clinic
DentaCare Clinic
Dental 4 All
Dental Art Center
Dental Cafe
Dental Central
Dental Experts
Dental Grins Family Care
Dental Health and Wellness
Dental HQ
Dental Made Simple
Dental Place
Dental Plaza
Dental Pro Clinic
Dental Proactivity Clinic

Dental Protect
Dental Serenity
Dental Surge
Dental Wellness Clinic
Dental Works Family Care
Dental Zone
Dentalite Clinic
DentaSure Clinic
Dentifique Clinic
Dentist Next Door
Dentistree (Catchy and Eco-Friendly)
Dentology (Cosmetic Dentistry)
DentPrevent Family Clinic
Denture Adventure
Dependable Dentistry

Design Smiles
Designer Dental Care
Designer Smiles Dental
Diamond Dental
Dignified Dentistry
Diligent Dental
Dimples Dental Care
Diverse Dental
Diversify Dental Care
Divine Dental Clinic
Dr Teeth
Dream Smile Dental Practice

DuSmile Dental
Dynamic Dental Clinic
Dynasty Dental
Ear to Ear Dental Practice
Easy Dental Care
Easy Fix Dental Clinic
Easy Touch Dental
EasyGrin Dental
Eco Care Dental
Elite Dental Care
Emerald and Pearl
Enamel Care Dentistry
Enameled Tooth Dental Clinic
Enhanced Dental Care
Everbright Dental
Everfresh Dental Care
Eversmiles Dentistry
Everwide Dental
Every Grin Dental Practice
Excel Dental Offices
Excellent Dental
Exceptional Dental
Exclusive Dental
Exclusive Dental Spas
Exemplary Dental
Exquisite Dental Care
Extra Mile Dental
EZ Dental Clinics

EZSmiles Dental
Family Grin Dental Clinic
Family Tradition Dentistry
Famous Smile Dental
FineTime Dental
First Choice Dental
First Rate Smiles
Five Star Dental
Fixin’ Smiles Dental
Floss and Gloss
Floss and Gloss Dentistry
Floss and Smile
Floss Toss Clinic
Flossies Dental Clinic
Flossify Dentist

Focus Dental
Focused Dentistry
Foremost Dental
Fresh Dental Care
Fresh Feel Dental Clinic
Fresh Smiles Dental Co.
Friends Dental Clinics
Front Tooth
Future Smiles Dental
Gentle Care Family Dental
Gentle Touch Dental
Gloss and Floss Dental
Glowing Grins Clinic
Glowing Smiles Family Dental
Go Dental Care

Gold Crown Dental
Good Checkup Dental
Good Faith Dentistry
Good Grins Dental
GoodDay Dental Clinic
Goodlook Dental Office
Grateful Grins Dental
Grin Guys
Grinner Winner Dental
Group Dentistry and Surgery
Growing Smiles Dental
Gums and Smile Care
Happy Grins Dental Clinic
Happy Place Dental
Happy Smiles Dental Clinic
Happy Smiles Dental Services
Happy Teeth Dentistry Inc.
Happy Tooth Center
HappySmiles Dental
Health First Dental
Healthy Smile Dental
Heavenly Smile Dental
Here 4 You Dentestry
Holistic Dental
Hollywood Smile Dental
Horizon Dental
i-Smile Dental
Ideal Dental
Impact Smile Clinic
Infectious Smiles Dental Clinic
Innovative Dental Practice
InSmile Dental
Inspired Dental
Ivory Dental Spa
Ivory Dentral
Joyful Teeth Dental
KeenSmile Dental
Keep Smiling Dental
KinderSmiles Clinic
Lasting Smiles Clinics
Laughing Dental
Legacy Dental Care
Lifesmile Dental
Little Pearls Dental Office
Loving Care Family Dentistry
Lucky Clover Dental Clinic
Lucky Tooth Dental Clinic
Luminous Dental Care
Luminous Smile Clinic
Luxury Dental Clinic

Make Me Smile Clinic
Making Smiles Easy Clinic
Mark, Set, Smile! Dental
Masters Dental
MaxiCare Dental
Maxident Care
Megawatt Smiles
Merry Mouth Clinic
Metropolis Dental
Miles O’Smiles Dental
Mindful Dental
Mint Smile Clinic

Model Dental Spa
Modern Dental
Molar Works Clinic
Molars R Us
Monarch Dental Clinic
MoreSmiles Dental
Mr Smile Dental Clinic
Mr.Smiley Dental
My Dental Office
My Smile Dentistry
MySmile Dental
Natural Dental Care
Natural Smiles Clinic
Naturally Beautiful Smiles Dental
NeoSmile Dentistry
New Dental Care
New Smile Dental Spa
New Smile Dentistry
New Way Dentists
NextCare Dental
No Worries Dental
Nu Smile Dental Clinic
NuSmile Dentistry
NuSmiles Surgery and Clinic
NutraCare Dental
NuWay Dental
NuYou Smiles
Oasis Dental Care
Omni Family Dentistry
On Point Dental
One Stop Dental Office
OneMouth Dental
Opal Dental Spa
Open Up Dentistry
Open Wider Dental
Optimum Dental
Oral Fix Dental
Pearl Guard Dentistry
Pearls Dental Spa
Pearly Brite Dental
Pearly Wisdom Dentistry

Peoples Dental Clinic
Perfect Smile Dental Spas
Perfect Teeth Dental
Performance Dental
Picture Perfect Dentistry
Pinnacle Dental
Positive Choices Dental Care
Power Smiles
Practiice and Practize (Spelling versions of Practice)
Precious Smile Dentistry
Precious Smiles
PrevDent Dentistry
Prevention Professionals Dental Practice
PreventionPro Dentistry
Prime Dental Center
Prime Dental Centre
Prime Time Dental Clinic
PrimeGuard Dental
Pristine Pearls Dentistry
Pro Dent Care
Proactive Dental Hub
ProSmile Dental
ProWhite Dental Office
Pure Dental Care Center
Pure White Dentistry
Purecare Dental Clinic
QualCare Dental

Radiance Dental
Rainbow Dental Offices
ReadyCare Dental Clinic
Real Dental Care
Reason To Smile Surgical Dentistry
Relax Dental
Renew You Dental
Royal Dental Spa
Safewhite Surgery
Save Our Smiles Dental Clinic
Savory dental
Sensational Smiles Dentistry
Service One Dental Clinic
ShineOn Dental Clinic
Shinning Dental
Silver Dental Clinic (Specialize in Seniors)
Silver Lining Dental
Simply Smiles Studio
Sincere Dental Clinic
Smart Dental Solutions
Smart Mouth Dental Surgery
SmartSource Dental
Smile 4 Life Dentistry
Smile Architect
Smile Brite
Smile Care
Smile Charm
Smile Craft
Smile Cure
Smile Designers
Smile Doctors
Smile Fixers Dental
Smile Lovers Clinic
Smile Makers
Smile Matters
Smile O’Dental
Smile One Dentistry
Smile Pro Clinic
Smile Ready Dental Solutions
Smile Restoration Dentistry
Smile Right Dentistry
Smile Sanctuary Centre
Smile Sensation Practice
Smile Servers Dentistry
Smile Shop Clinics
Smile Solutions

Smile Spa Family Dental
Smile Squad Dental
Smile Station Dental
Smile Tenders Dental
Smile Together Dental
Smile Zone Dental
Smile Zone Dental
Smile4Me Clinic
SmileAid Dental
SmileArc Dental
SmileBright Dental
SmileCentral Dentistry
SmileGarden Dental
SmileGuru Dental Clinic
SmileMore Dental
SmileOn Dentistry
SmilePro Dental
Smiles Factory
Smiles Savers Dentistry
Smiles wide clinic
Smiles4U Dental
SmileSafe Dental
SmileSource Dental
SmileSpark Dental
SmileStage Dental
SmileStarts Dental
Smileway Family Dental
SmileWise Dental
SmileWorks Family Dental
Smilextenders Practice
Smilez Dental
Smirks and Smiles Dental
Smooth Sailing Dentistry
Smyle Dental
Sophisticate Mouth
Spark Dental
Sparkle Dental Spas
SpecialSmiles Clinic
Splendid Smiles Family Dental
SpotOn Dental Surgery
Star Bright Dental Practice
Star Care Dental Care
Star DentaWorks
Star Smiles Dental Center
Stress Free Dentistry
Studio Smile
Sunshine Dental
Sure Smile
Sweet Tooth Spas
Tailored Teeth Dentistry
Teeth Fairy Dental (Pediatric)
Teeth n Teeth
TeethMeet Clinic
Tender Touch Dental Clinic
Terrific Teeth Dental
The ConfeDental Clinic
The Dental Boutique
The Dental Doctors
The Dental Duplex
The Dental Institute
The Dental Joint
The Dental Palace
The Dental Scene
The Dental Spa
The Dental Studio
The Dental Zone
The Dentalists
The Dentrust
The Extra Smile
The Family Dentistry Clinic
The Filling Center
The Preferred Practice
The Smile Bank
The Smile Clinic
The Smile Creation Clinic
The Smile Dental
The Smile Factory
The Smile Observatory
The Smile Practice
The Smile Pros
The Smile Syndicate
The Teeth Clinic
The Teeth Fairies
The Teeth Practice
The Tooth Place
The Tooth Spa
Thrive Family Dental
Tickle the Ivories Dental
TLC Dental Clinic
Tooth Booth Dental Practice
Tooth By Tooth Dental Group
Tooth Dental Hub
Tooth Doctor Dental
Tooth Luxe Spas
Tooth World
ToothForce Dental
ToothWorks Dentistry
Toothy Smiles Dental
Top Notch Teeth Clinic

Top Priority Dental
TopSmile Dental Group
TopTooth Dental
Tranquil Dental Solutions
Tranquil Smiles Dental
True Clean Dental
True Shine Dental Clinic
True smiles dental clinic
TruEase Dental
TruFinish Dentistry
Truly Yours Dental
TruShine Dentistry
TruSmile Clinic
TruSmile Clinic
Trust Dental Care
Twinkle Dental Spas

Ultra Grin Dentistry
UNeed DentalCare
Unique Smiles Dental
Universal Dental Care
VIP Smiles
Vital Dental
WarmGlow Dental Clinic
We Love Teeth
We’re All Smiles Clinics
Welcome Dental Care
Welcoming Families Dental
Wellness Dental Spas
White Bright Dental (Tooth whitening services)
White Cloud Dental
White n Shine Dental
White Smile Dental
White Tooth Dental
White Tooth Dental Clinic
WhitePearl Detal Clinic
WhiteShine Dental
WhiteSmile Dental Spas
Whitestar Dental
Whiteway Dental Offices
Wholeness First Dental
WideSmiles Dental Clinic
Wink and Smile Dental
Wise Tooth Dentistry
World of Smiles
WOW Dental Care
Xpert Dental Offices
XtraSmiles Dental Clinic
You Smile Dental
Youdent Clinic
Your Dental Center
Zippy Dental

Sure you’ve seen the standard – boring –  ideas such as smiles and cartoon characters holding toothbrushes, but you want to browse dental clinic logo samples to find a cool dental name and a great logo. Check out this big list of catchy dental clinic names.

We’ve searched and found the best examples included sample logos designs for dental offices for your browsing pleasure for good ideas and inspiration. Plus we divided them into different types of dental practices such as pediatric dentists, general practice, orthodontist and dental implants.

Dental Name Ideas by Dentist Practice Specialization

If you are a dentist running a general dental clinic your design options are greater. Below are logo examples both with a single tooth, set of teeth and smiles. All work well to communicate to your patients your professionalism, modern dental technology and clean office – all key points for dental patients to book appointments with you for their dental care.

Abstract, Graphic Modern Uses of Tooth in Logos for Dentists

I like this logo because of the interesting way the artist used circles to expand the tooth into a graphic element. This design is so strong that it does not need color to be striking. The white logo on dark black background works well in website design and for social media.

This is another good example of a tooth made geometric and contemporary.  I love using graphic design contests because each designer has clever ways to interpret your logo ideas.   Using the single tooth they reimagine it as a shape and unleash their creativity to your dental practice’s benefit.

This special use logo, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the dental office combines the tooth, a molar, into a badge like seal complete with the tagline slogan – A Modern Touch to Dentistry.  Good graphic design does not overly depend on color for impact. This logo design is so good it can have no color, just white and pack a marketing punch.


Teeth and Tooth at Play – Fun design interpretation logos ideas

When I ordered my own logo I was really impressed with the selection of ideas and how creative the designs for logos submitted in my design contest. Read about it here and see the videos with my 200+ logo submission received.

Here are some wild and especially effective logos with a tooth taken beyond the boring stock logos that the majority of dentists use.  Love the use of bright color, however, the design concept is so strong it does not need it, so this logo would well work in black and white also.

Abstract, Graphic Modern Uses of Tooth in Logos for Dentists

Orthodontics Logo Design Examples

This is a high-end, designer look logo for endodontics that really works well. The combination of the graphic styling of a tool, with the reflected water at the base for a geographic connection to the dental practice name – Canyon Creek is excellent.



Pediatric Dentist Logo Samples

Examples of logo designs for pediatric dental offices that appeal to children and kids.

The use of cartoon illustrations of happy smiling animals and bright colors will attract patients to your dental clinic.
These designs communicate that visit to your children’s dental group will be fun and pleasurable.

These logo designs incorporate the words kids, pediatric and children into the name of the dental practice.

As a dentist or dental office, check out all the great design options for dental logos that go beyond just the tooth, or grinning smile, that every other dentist in town uses in their logo.  In fact, some of the best dentist logo ideas don’t have even a single tooth, much less a full set of teeth!

Best Dental Logos by Graphic Design Category

The best logos that use a tooth as their main graphic element incorporate other items such as text, interesting fonts, and geographic references.  The tooth can be the starting point of a great logo but it does not need to stand alone.  Many of the top logos use negative space and the lines of the tooth to merely suggest the tooth and they build great graphics communicating logos.

Your dental clinic logo is very important to your practice’s success. Think of it as the “face” of your dental office. It is often the first thing your patient will see about your office. It needs to make a good first impression and attract patients. It is the foundation of establishing your brand in your marketplace and geographic location. Its design will be the inspiration point for designing your other marketing materials, business cards, brochures, and website.

Once you select your winning logo design in the contest you can get a full branding package that includes variations of your logo, color details and Pantone color #’s, hexadecimal color codes for your web design use and the exact font names.

Abstract and Modern Dental Logos

Tooth and Logos with Teeth

Geometric Tooth Styles

Fun Happy Teeth

Tooth Plus With Lettering Font Combinations of Graphics and Text

Dental Logos with Toothbrushes

Abstract, Graphic Modern Uses of Tooth in Logos for Dentists

Abstract, Graphic Modern Uses of Tooth in Logos for Dentists

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