How to File Articles of Incorporation in Nevada

Discover why incorporating in Nevada can be a strategic move for your business, with flexible options and a clear regulatory framework. Explore our comprehensive guide below to navigate the Articles of Incorporation process seamlessly and make informed decisions for your business’s future success.

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The most important step to forming a corporation in Nevada is filing Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. This article will walk you through the steps to file your Articles of Incorporation.

Before you begin, be aware that any information submitted to the Nevada Secretary of State becomes public information and subject to public access and disclosure laws.

How to Complete the Articles of Incorporation Form

There are multiple methods to file your Nevada Articles of Incorporation. The fastest way to get your form processed is to use the SilverFlume online portal. The interface will walk you through the steps to register your corporation. Currently, foreign corporations aren’t allowed to submit forms online. They must download the form and mail, fax, or deliver a copy in-person to the Secretary of State.

Corporation Type

You must select the type of corporation you’re forming, which will determine the Nevada statute that governs your entity:

  • NRS 78: Articles of Incorporation Domestic Corporation
  • NRS 78A: Close Corporation (maximum shareholders: 30)
  • NRS 80: Foreign Corporation
  • NRS 89: Articles of Incorporation Professional Corporation

Name of Entity

Both domestic and foreign corporation names must be unique from existing corporations registered in Nevada. All corporate names need to have a recognizable identifier, such as inc. or corp., to distinguish them as business entities.

Registered Agent for Service of Process

Select whether the registered agent is a third-party entity, an individual or a principal, or the submitting corporation. For commercially registered agents, enter the entity’s name. When the agent is an individual, enter the first name, last name, and physical address. If the agent is a principal of your corporation, enter their corporate title and physical address.

Enter a mailing address for an individual or corporate principal if it’s different from the physical address. ZenBusiness can help you find a registered agent with our Registered Agent Service.

The Board of Directors, Trustees, or Stockholders

Enter the names of the principals for your corporation, along with their address and country.

  • NRS 78: List Board of Directors and Trustees
  • NRS 78A: Provide if governed by a Board of Directors
  • NRS 89: List all Directors and Stockholders

Purpose or Profession to be Practiced

Enter the purpose of the corporation. This field is mandatory for foreign, professional, and benefit corporations. It’s optional for domestic corporations.

Authorized Shares

Enter the number of authorized shares to be issued, by class, including their par value. Foreign corporations must list the number of authorized shares and par value that was filed in their home jurisdiction.

Incorporators or Officers

Enter the names and addresses including the country, of the incorporators (NRS 78, NRS 89, and NRS 78A corporations) or officers for NRS 80 corporations.

All principals of a professional corporation must be authorized to perform services provided by the corporation. They must also be listed on the Articles of Incorporation.

Additional Information and Notes

The state form the space provided to enter additional information about your form answers or your corporation. For those forming closed corporations (NRS 78A), you must indicate whether it will be governed by a board of directors. Nevada also allows you to designate your corporations as a benefit corporation, as described in NRS 78B

How to Submit Forms

Online: The SilverFlume online portal is the most efficient way to file your Articles of Incorporation. Most requests are processed within 24 hours.

By Mail or In Person: Send forms to:

Secretary of State
202 North Carson St.
Carson City, NV 89701-4201.

Fax: Fax the copy to (775) 684-5725.

Standard processing for Articles of Incorporation submitted by mail, in person, or by fax can take more than 10 business days to process. Expedited services are available for an additional fee.

After you file, you’ll want to make sure you stay in good standing with the state. Use our Worry Free Compliance service to put your mind at ease and focus on what’s important.


You’ll need to consult the Nevada Secretary of State website for the most current listing of fees. Along with the fee and form for the Articles of Incorporation, you’ll also be submitting the Initial List and State Business License Application, which has its own fees. There’s also an additional fee for the statement appointing the registered agent, which must be included with your Articles of Incorporation.

For expedited service, you’re required to include customer order instructions with all submissions to provide information on the service type requested. Expedited services can be 24 hours, two hours, or one hour, each with a different fee. Check Secretary of State guidelines for restrictions and expectations.

Supplemental Forms and Fees

Additional forms, including separate fees, may be required depending on your corporation’s structure.

  • Initial List and State Business License Application
  • Registered Agent Acceptance/Statement of Change
  • Customer order instructions
  • EPayment checklist


If all of the above sounds too frustrating and time consuming, ZenBusiness’s business formation plans can help. Let us file your Articles of Incorporation and answer your questions along the way.

Nevada Articles of Incorporation FAQs

  • Costs to incorporate in Nevada vary based on the type of corporation, the value of authorized shares to be issued, and any supplemental forms needed. See the fee schedule on the Nevada Secretary of State website to calculate fees for your corporation.

  • Online requests via SilverFlume are usually processed within 24 hours. Forms processed by mail, in person, or by fax can take more than 10 business days to be processed.

  • The Nevada Secretary of State processes the Articles of Incorporation submissions.

  • NRS 78 governs domestic corporations and NRS 80 governs foreign corporations.

  • Although an attorney isn’t required to complete the formation documents, business owners can consult legal and tax professionals for specific business requirements.

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