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Individuals can start a business in the state of Alaska in a number of ways and for a number of purposes. Applicants can choose from many different entity types when beginning the process of starting a business. The Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing allows for the registration of corporations (cooperative, non-profit, profit, professional, and religious), limited liability companies (LLC), and partnerships (LP & LLP). Most filings may be completed online and all may be done through the PDF application and sent via standard mail or fax. There will be an associated filing fee for the processing of your application that must be provided upon submission. All applications and subsequent entity formations must be done in accordance with Alaska State Statute Title 10.

Start an Alaska Entity

Search For an Alaska Business Name

The business entity search function found on the government website is useful for a number of reasons. Prospective business filers may use a search to investigate the availability of their desired operating name prior to registration. A search can also be used to research the filing history of any given registered entity.

How to File in Alaska

Step 1- Each entity must register under a business name that is completely unique to them. Whether it be for any of the entities available to file in Alaska you may use the Business Entity Search function to enter the name that you would like to use and see if it is available. After performing a search, if you do not see any close matches then the name is most likely available. It is also possible to reserve a name for 120 days prior to registration ($25).

Step 2- Continue by supplying the requisite filing information either online or by PDF. Select the link below which most closely matches your business type to learn more about the exact filing requirements.

Step 3- After filling in the designated application you will be required to pay the filing fee (listed below). If filing online the fee will be presented after your information has been inputted and shall be paid via credit card. Acceptance of payment online will mark the completion of the online registration process. Paper filers will be required to provide a check made payable to the State of Alaska/CBPL. 

Alaska Filing Fees


  • Domestic Profit Corporation- $250
  • Domestic Non-Profit Corporation- $50
  • Domestic Cooperative Corporation- $250
  • Domestic Professional Corporation- $250
  • Domestic Religious Corporation- $50
  • Foreign Profit Corporation- $350
  • Foreign Non-Profit Corporation- $50
  • Foreign Cooperative Corporation- $250

Limited Liability Company

  • Domestic Limited Liability Company- $250
  • Foreign Limited Liability Company- $350


  • Domestic Limited Partnership- $150
  • Domestic Limited Liability Partnership- $250
  • Foreign Limited Partnership- $150
  • Foreign Limited Liability Partnership- $350

Name Reservation

If you have the intentions of incorporating/forming an entity at a future date (within 120 days) but would like to reserve the name that you have in mind then the Name Reservation Form must be completed. The fee is $25 and it can be completed Online or through Form 08-561.

Certificate of Compliance

Certificate of Compliance, or more commonly referred to as a certificate of good standing, verifies that an entity is valid and up-to-date with its renewals at the state level. A Certificate of Compliance is legal documentation that your entity has no delinquent accounts and does not have any overdue debts. To obtain an official certificate you can do so by paying a fee of $10 and filing online.


Depending on the type of entity you have there are agreements that are recommended, although not required, to protect the owners of the business.

They are classified under the following:

The basic need for these forms is to write down on paper the owner(s) and capital contributions made by various individuals involved with the company. The state of Alaska does not keep a record of the owners in an entity and therefore these forms work as the agreement for ownership, the business purpose, annual meetings (schedule and minutes), and any amendments that are to be made in the future.

Employer Identification Number

For the majority of entity types, an EIN is an extremely important number when attempting to conduct financial activity in the state of Alaska. An EIN is a number that is provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and is used to identify your entity when making financial transactions. Without an EIN you will not be able to pay employees, open up bank accounts, or apply for credit. You essentially cannot conduct any type of significant financial activity without an EIN. Thankfully the process for obtaining one is simple. All you have to do is complete and submit the PDF Document Form SS-4 or complete the online filing on the IRS Website.

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