How to Write Sales Letters

How do you write a winning sales letter? How do you get it opened? And get readers to act now?  The articles below include proven strategies from direct mail experts.

7 Essential Tips for Winning Headlines
The headlines you use in your direct mail campaign can make or break its success. The first headline they see will determine whether they even open your mailing. After that you have to keep their attention, and you’ve got to accomplish all this within about five seconds. Here are seven tips to help you create selling headlines for your direct mail campaigns >>

10 Tips for Getting Your Business Letters Read
Since many of us rely so heavily on E-mail, business letters have become special once again. Yet your prospects won’t read just any letter. Try these ten tips to increase readability.

5 Never Forgets For Sales Letter Success
Chances are, over the years you’ve had any number of family members, friends and business colleagues pass along advice or nuggets of wisdom to you with a lead-in that goes, “Never forget….” Along those lines Ernest Nicastro shares a few copywriting tips and pointers.

How To Get Your Prospect To Open Your Mail
How’s your direct mail program working? Not quite satisfied with your response rates? Want to kick things up a notch or two or three? It may be as simple as improving your offer — which, after all, can account for up to 60% of your success. This article gives you proven pointers for more profitable offers.

Killer Sales Letters
Is your sales letter a killer? Or is it killing your business? Find out what makes a good sales letter and read the latest sales letter makeover by Ernest Nicastro. Read more >>

How Long Should Your Sales Letter Be?
Your prospects are busy people, so you should keep your sales letter as short as possible, right? Not necessarily, says copywriting pro Ernest Nicastro. Find out how a lengthy sales letter can work to your advantage in this article and sales letter critique.

Making a Hit with Your Marketing Campaign
Considered a vital link in a show’s promotional plan, direct marketing is vital only if it’s done right. It’s certainly not as simple as typing a letter, adding an address and stamp, and popping it in the mail. There are some key gen rules to making your direct mailings work effectively.

5 Tips for Writing a Good Looking Sales Letter
Do you make it a point to always mail “good-looking” sales letters? You should. Because good looks are important to your customers and prospects — and important to your sales letter’s success. Learn how to make your sales letters more attractive.

How To Write A Smooth Flowing Sales Letter That Produces Profitable Results
How well do the thoughts and ideas in your sales letter flow? Does one sales point smoothly and effectively transition to the next? Get the handle on how to do this and you’ll start getting better results. Here are some pointers on how to write a smooth flowing sales letter that produces profitable results.

9 Effective Headlines And Why They Were So Profitable
Advertising great David Ogilvy said that unless the headline of your ad sells your product or service you have wasted 90% of your money. So how can you learn to write more effective headlines? By studying response-producing headlines from past ads.

How to Kill Your Sales Letter’s Response Rate
World-renowned motivational speaker Zig Ziglar always talks about the importance of having meaningful, specific goals. It’s also a good thought to keep in mind when writing a sales letter. Fill your letter full of meaty, meaningful specifics and you’ll have a lot more success. Check out this article for tips and pointers on what NOT to do in your next sales letter.

Questions That Will Grab Your Prospects’ Attention
How effective are your sales letter’s opening couple of lines at making the reader stop and listen to what you have to say? Good questions are effective tools for doing that. And this article presents three that you can adapt for use in your next direct marketing effort. Plus, it includes a detailed sales letter critique. Read more >>

3 Effective Ways to Start Your Sales Letter
Without an effective opening your sales letter will be headed for the “round file” in a matter of seconds. But craft a good opening — one that captures your prospect’s attention and makes them want to read more — and you’ll have a fighting chance of success. Details >>

Five Deadly Sales Letter Mistakes
Make sure you avoid these 5 deadly mistakes and you’ll greatly increase the odds that your direct mail marketing effort will get a positive response from your customers and prospects. Read more >>

The 10 Commandments (Plus 5) of Writing Profitable Sales Letters
Writing a sales letter that brings in customers and profits is the end goal of any direct mail campaign. Here are the ten commandments (plus five bonus commandments) of successful sales letters.

How to Guarantee Your Direct Mail Gets Opened
Is your outbound mail failing to get the attention of your recipients? Are a significant percentage of them trashing the pieces without opening them? Here’s a tried and true technique that will get you a much higher open rate.

Four Score and Seven Years Ago: Copywriting Lessons From Our 16th President
Abraham Lincoln was not only one of our greatest presidents, he was also the most skillful writer ever to occupy the Whitehouse. His moving and eloquent Gettysburg Address contains valuable copywriting and communications lessons for business people and communicators at all levels. This article points out how you can apply these lessons to make your copywriting, marketing communications and business presentations more memorable and effective.

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