Podcast: Starting A Small Business For Under $100

This episode of Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Microsoft, is all about getting your Startup off the ground. In addition to having a great idea, setting up distribution, creating a marketing plan and many other things, it also takes money. We’ll help you figure out the secret to starting a Small Business for under $100!

In Ask An Expert (almost) Live, Steve takes a look at some ways to market your new business. There a number of ways to build your brand and presence with out breaking the bank.

The guest this week is an entrepreneur of the truest form. Chris Guillebeau is an inspiration, having visited “every country on Earth” in the last 10 years! He has spoken to people all over the world that have done remarkable things, in unconventional ways. He is also the author of many books, including The $100 Startup.

Don’t forget, you can submit your question for an “Ask An Expert Live” segment by sending an email to theselfemployed@yahoo.com.

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Greg Nibler is the Audio Producer for the Small Business with Steve Strauss Podcast. He is a Podcaster/Producer, Actor and Voiceover Artist based in Portland, Oregon. You can see/hear more of Greg’s work at Funemployment Radio and Digital Trends.

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