GoToConnect Business Phone Service Review

When your business starts expanding beyond your first few clients, it’s always a good idea to acquire a business phone service. Not only does this give your business a more professional presentation, but it also prevents your personal phone from getting overwhelmed by calls and messages.


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GoToConnect is a favorite business phone provider for companies that regularly make international calls. Let’s find out if it’s also the best service for your company’s unique needs!

GoToConnect Business Phone Service Review

GoToConnect is an outstanding option for businesses that make lots of international calls. Let’s quickly run down some of its pros and cons before we take a deeper dive.


  • Great international rates
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Excellent auto-attendant feature
  • Outstanding customer feedback


  • Somewhat high prices
  • Most valuable features require upgraded service
  • Basic plan doesn’t include customer support

The Details of GoToConnect Business Phone Service

GoToConnect has three different tiers of business phone service, each with varying price points based on how many users you have on the plan. The Basic plan starts at $26/month for one user ($22 for 2-10 users), while the Standard package costs $35/month ($26) and the Premium plan is $49/month ($39).

All plans include unlimited extensions, an intuitive auto-attendant feature, and local, toll-free, and vanity phone numbers.

Overall Pricing and Value:

If all you’re looking for is basic business phone service, there are other options that can save you money while providing similar features as GoToConnect Basic. In addition, we would never recommend purchasing a service like GoToConnect Basic that doesn’t even allow you to access customer support.

We think the real value with GoToConnect comes at the Standard level, which adds a host of valuable features over the Basic package, while also offering 24/7 customer service.

With GoToConnect’s higher-priced plans, you’ll receive hot desking capabilities, unlimited faxes, call recording, 1,000 free toll-free minutes, and unlimited video meetings. However, the crown jewel of these features (and the main reason we recommend GoToConnect) is the international calling functionality.

With the Standard and Premium plans, you’ll enjoy unlimited calls to more than 50 foreign countries! Most competitors limit unlimited calling to just the United States (some include all of North America), so this is an outstanding feature for GoToConnect.

Track Record:

GoToConnect is a product offered by LogMeIn, a company that was formed in 2003. Today, LogMeIn has roughly 2 million customers in 190+ countries, making it one of the leading software as a service companies in the world.

We found nearly 1,400 reviews for GoToConnect on reputable third-party review aggregator websites, and the company possesses outstanding average rating scores of 4.5/5. Clearly, customer feedback is a big advantage for GoToConnect compared to many competitors.

Customer Support:

The fact that GoToConnect does not offer customer support in its Basic package is a borderline egregious exclusion. We would never advise ordering this package for this reason.

If you spend enough to be granted access, the process of getting in touch with GoToConnect’s customer support team is a bit convoluted, as you’ll need to fill out an online form and wait for them to call you. That said, we don’t have many complaints once you get beyond that step.

GoToConnect offers 24/7 customer support, which can be a life-saver if your business phone service hits any unexpected snags. In our experience, GoToConnect representatives are informative and friendly, and we’ve always received at least reasonably efficient responses.

Ease of Use:

There wouldn’t be much point in using a business phone service if it didn’t make it cheaper and easier to communicate with your customers and vendors. Thankfully, GoToConnect does just that, with an easy-to-use interface and intuitive features.

GoToConnect has a user-friendly design that makes it easy to find what you need at any given time. We honestly do not have any complaints about GoToConnect in this area.

What Are Customers Saying About GoToConnect Business Phone Service?

We checked several reputable review aggregator sites for GoToConnect customer feedback and managed to track down 1,358 unique reviews. GoToConnect maintained an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 in these reviews, which is a very strong score that compares favorably to most competitors.

We discovered that GoToConnect customers frequently praise the company for its incredible ease of use, and also discuss how scalable it is compared to some competing services. Overall, customer feedback is a pro for GoToConnect.

Our Final Thoughts

GoToConnect is an outstanding option for businesses that make lots of international calls. We also appreciate this company’s incredible ease of use and strong customer feedback reputation.

We think GoToConnect is a great company in many ways, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to our family and friends. However, we recognize that GoToConnect won’t be the perfect choice for every entrepreneur’s business phone service needs.

If you’d like to take a look at some GoToConnect competitors, or you want to see a general overview of business phone services, check out our complete guide on this topic.

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