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Find out which types of insurance your limited liability company may need and how much they can each cost.

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Many limited liability companies (LLCs) will need a few things to properly run. This includes an operating agreement, registered agent, and a business bank account, among other things. One thing that you should never overlook, though, is insurance. 

Now, you may be thinking that by spending so much money to run your business, additional costs of any kind can wait, right? Well, despite the average LLC insurance cost varying by state, industry, and other variables, coverage is something you should not pass on. 

If you don’t know where to start on finding business insurance for an LLC or how much it’ll cost you, then read on. 

Why should I get LLC business insurance? 

Finding the right business insurance for an LLC comes with many benefits, the most important being that it helps to protect the company from claims that can come up during its operation. Without the proper coverage, you may end up having to settle the bill yourself by paying out of pocket for these claims. And these claims can come with a huge price tag. 

Don’t LLCs already offer liability coverage?

Yes, an LLC’s structure aims to limit the impact that a claim can have on the business owner’s personal finances. If you’re sued, for example, your personal assets should be safe so long as your business and personal finances are separate and nothing illegal occurred. However, this may not apply to the business’s assets. If your business is sued, then LLC insurance can help. 

What type of LLC business insurance should I get?

LLC business insurance can include many different policy types with different coverages. Sometimes, insurers bundle these policies together to help lower the LLC insurance cost. For the most part, common types of insurance for LLCs include the following. 

General Liability Insurance 

This type of LLC insurance helps to protect the company against situations like property damage and bodily injury claims filed by clients, customers, or a third party. It’s common for all business types, not just LLCs, to have general liability insurance. 

How much does general liability insurance cost for an LLC?

When considering an LLC, insurance cost is a big factor. You may be looking at a price of anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per year on general liability insurance. Other things, like your industry and risk factors, can influence this cost. See what general liability insurance will cost you with a free quote from NEXT Insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance 

This type of insurance provides coverage for professionals and businesses. It aims to protect against claims of negligence from customers, clients, or both. This type of coverage addresses personal injury, negligence, copyright infringement, and more. Professional liability insurance is also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. 

How much does professional liability insurance cost?

Finding out how much LLC insurance costs at the professional level will vary depending on your location, the number of employees you have, and more. On average, though, an LLC owner might be looking at a price tag of anywhere between $500 to $1,000 on professional liability insurance. The best way to find out how much professional liability insurance will cost your business is to get a free quote from NEXT Insurance.

Business Owner’s Policy

This is a type of small business insurance. It combines coverage for common liability risks and property risks into one package for affordability. This type of coverage includes general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and business income insurance. 

How much does a business owner’s policy cost?

Like with all business insurance types, the amount you’ll pay for this type of coverage depends on a few factors. It averages to about $1,200 annually, but you can get a free quote to see exactly how much you’ll pay with NEXT Insurance.

Other Insurance Types 

General liability and professional liability insurance are the two most common types of coverage that LLCs should consider. There are a few others, though, that include the ones listed below. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance 

The cost of workers’ compensation depends on a few factors not limited to:

  • Industry
  • Claims history 
  • Payroll 

This type of insurance can run you between $40 and $70 a month on average.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This type of coverage is useful if you use a company car or own a fleet of company vehicles. The cost will depend on things like how many vehicles you own, how often they’re used, etc. According to, the average cost of this type of coverage is $142 a month, or just over $1,700 a year. 

Business Property Insurance 

This type of LLC insurance covers things like your equipment, the property you own, and your inventory that suffers damage due to accidents or natural disasters. The average business property insurance cost is just over $60 a month, also according to

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