Alabama LLC Cost

We’ve compiled the most common fees associated with forming an LLC in Alabama.

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FAQs on how to determine Alabama LLC costs

  • The following are fees you could see when you start your own LLC in Alabama:

    Alabama LLC Filing Fee – $236

    An Alabama Certificate of Formation costs $200, and the Certificate of Name Reservation costs $25.

    Annual Business Privilege Taxes – $100 to $15,000

    Once your LLC is up and running, you’ll have to pay state Business Privilege Taxes. The minimum is $100, but the amount of tax you owe depends on your business activities.

    Registered Agent Fee – Free

    You can be your own Registered Agent in Alabama without paying a fee. But keep in mind that this means you have to be available during regular business hours to accept legal notifications. For that reason, many businesses hire a registered agent for a small yearly fee.

    It’s important to find a Registered Agent who meets all of Alabama’s legal requirements. We can help you find the right Registered Agent for your LLC with our Alabama Registered Agent Service.

  • Paying for your Certificate of Formation, Certificate of Name Reservation, and Business Privilege Taxes isn’t always the end of your costs when you’re running an LLC.

    Certificate of Existence

    To get financing, as well as certain contracts or clients, you might have to present a Certificate of Existence for your LLC. If you apply by mail or in person, the Certificate of Existence fee is $25. If you apply online, the Certificate of Existence fee is $28.

    Certificate of Compliance

    A Certificate of Compliance from the Alabama Department of Revenue tells third parties that your LLC has paid its state taxes and filed its state returns. To obtain a Certificate of Compliance, you need to pay a $14 fee.

    DBA Name in Alabama

    A “Doing Business As” name or DBA is any name your business uses that’s different from its official name. Alabama calls this a Trade Name, and your business can have more than one. Using DBAs can be a great way to distinguish and market different branches of your LLC.

    You file an Application to Register Trademark, Service Mark or Trade Name for each DBA you want, and each DBA costs $30.

    Forgeign LLC

    Foreign LLCs are LLCs that someone who doesn’t have an Alabama business address forms within the state. To run your out-of-state LLC in Alabama, you need to file an Application for Registration with the Secretary of State. The filing fee for this document is $150.

    Business Licensing

    You might have to pay fees for:

    • Business licenses
    • Permits
    • Registrations

    Whether you pay these fees depends on the nature and location of your business. You might also need to pay these fees at the local, state, and federal levels.

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  • Yes. If you don’t pay your fees on time, you could face interest payments, late fees, or legal sanctions. In some cases, failure to pay a fee means your LLC isn’t official and you can’t take advantage of the personal protections the business structure normally provides. 

  • If you can’t pay your filing fees, the Alabama government can refuse to file your formation or licensing documents. Without these documents, your LLC is not official, and you would face the increased liability of running a sole proprietorship or general partnership.

  • You pay your Certificate of Formation fees to the Secretary of State.

  • When it comes to the cost to start a business in Alabama, your largest LLC fee is your Certificate of Formation fee, which is $236. Your largest fee might be different based on the kind of business you run, your business location, and your business’s needs.

  • You can pay the fees using a check, money order, or credit card. If you pay by credit card, you might be charged an additional convenience fee. 

Alabama Secretary of State Contact Information

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 5616
Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5616
(334) 242-4993

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