Wyoming LLC Cost

We’ve compiled the most common fees associated with forming an LLC in Wyoming.

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FAQs on how to determine Wyoming LLC costs

  • Here’s what you can expect when paying for your Wyoming  LLC along with some additional fees.

    Wyoming LLC Filing Fee – $102

    It costs $102 to file for an LLC in Wyoming.

    Annual Report Fee- Rates Vary

    In Wyoming, you’ll have to pay an annual report license tax for $60 or $0.0002 on every dollar of assets, whichever is greater. The annual report is due on the first day of the LLC’s anniversary month. For example, if you started your LLC on July 13, the annual report will be due on July 1 each year after.

    Registered Agent Fee

    When submitting your LLC registration, you’ll be asked to provide a registered agent. In Wyoming you must have a registered agent.

  • As you set up your LLC, you’ll inevitably need to deal with some additional fees. Here’s what you can expect.

    A Certificate of Good Standing

    Although not required, you should consider getting a Certificate of Good Standing for your LLC. You can request one through the Secretary of State. The filing fees vary: online is free and by mail is $10. A Wyoming CGS can make it easier to:

    • Get funding
    • Register to do business in another state
    • Get business insurance
    • Get a business bank account

    These are just a few benefits, so consider getting a CGS to make running your LLC easier.

    A “Doing Business As” (DBA) Name or Trade Name

    You should also consider getting a “doing business as” (DBA) name for your Wyoming LLC. This can prove to be helpful if you plan to do business under a name different from your legal one.

    In Wyoming, a DBA is called a “trade name” and you can get one through the Secretary of State for $100.

    Application to be a Foreign LLC

    If you own an out-of-state LLC but wish to do business in Wyoming, then you’ll have to register as a foreign LLC. This carries a fee of $100 and is done through the Secretary of State.

    Business Licenses and Permits

    You’ll have to apply for certain licenses and permits in order to properly do business in Wyoming. Which licenses and permits you’ll need depends on where you’re located in the state and which industry you’re in. Make sure to research which you’ll need.

  • An annual report is the main thing to keep in mind when figuring out what you’ll need to submit on an annual basis for your LLC. Wyoming does not charge a late fee for annual reports, however, if the report is filed over 60 days late, the LLC can be dissolved by the Secretary of State. 

  • If you aren’t able to pay for any filing fees, then your LLC application will not be accepted. 

  • All fees for your Wyoming LLC are handled by and paid to the Secretary of State.

  • Determining what your biggest fee will be when forming your LLC depends on many factors. For the most part, the biggest fee will be $100 for filing.

  • Wyoming does its best to simplify the payment methods for business formation. They include check or money order, credit card (VISA or MasterCard), and debit card (VISA or MasterCard).

  • Starting an LLC has many benefits compared to other business types. Liability protection is a popular one, meaning that the business owner’s assets are protected if the LLC faces a legal issue like a lawsuit. 

    Two others include a relatively easy startup process and tax flexibilities. If an LLC sounds like a business model you’d like to start, then read on.  

Wyoming Secretary of State Contact Information

Mailing Address:
122 West 25th Street
Suite 100
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020

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