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Welcome to our site designed exclusively for prospective Nebraskan business representatives. This particular tutorial should serve simply as an overview of the various functions and processes made available to filers. For this reason, we urge readers to take a moment to navigate through our more in-depth guides linked throughout this page. When registering your business with the Nebraska Secretary of State, you will notice that there exists no official online registration process. Instead, filers are asked to draft a PDF of their filing forms, complete them and file them with the Secretary of State using their e-Delivery filing system. Scroll down for more information and for the opportunity to delve deeper into the entity formation process.

Start an Entity in Nebraska

Search for a Nebraska Business Name

All Secretary of State websites feature the Business Entity Search function in one way or another. Nebraska has offered this service to investigate the availability of a particular entity name, to research the business details of all businesses on file with the Secretary of State, and to give filers the opportunity to purchase a Certificate of Good Standing. The portal through which this function is made available is streamlined and easy to use, enabling business representatives to perform inquiries in a matter of seconds. Please take the time to review our tutorial (linked above) and familiarize yourself with the process.

How to File in Nebraska

Step 1- If you are looking to register an entity in Nebraska, you will first need to perform the aforementioned Business Entity Search to ensure that the business name you plan on filing under has not already been registered by another entity. If this is the case, you will be required to use an alternate name to avoid a rejected filing. Business representatives might also want to consider performing a Name Reservation which will ensure that no other entity can utilize their business name for a period of 120 days.

Step 2- Once your name has been secured, you will be able to draft the registration document for your particular entity. To learn more about the requirements of each business type available in Nebraska, click on the more in-depth tutorials below.

Step 3- Next, you will need to prepare all requisite documents demanded by the Secretary of State. For example, foreign LLCs will be required to submit a certificate of existence with their application. Professional corporations on the other hand may need to apply for a Certificate of Registration to accompany their application. Once all required certificates and the like have been gathered you may continue.

Step 4- The submission of LLC and corporate documents can be done online through the e-Delivery service. There you will be able to provide some additional information, attach all required forms and pay the filing fee (listed below) by credit card thus completing the registration process. Partnerships are formed through the submission of the requisite documents through the mail (this option is available to LLCs and corporations also).

Nebraska Filing Fees


  • Domestic Business/Professional/Benefit Corporation- Dependent on corporate stock
  • Non-Profit Corporation- $10 + $5/page
  • Business/Professional Corporation- $130 + $5/page
  • Non-Profit Corporation- $10 + $5/page

Limited Liability Company

  • Domestic Limited Liability Company- $100 + $5/page
  • Foreign Limited Liability Company- $100 + $10 certificate of registration + $5/page
  • Professional Limited Liability Company- $100 + $5/page 


  • Domestic Limited Partnership- $200 + $5/page
  • Foreign Limited Partnership- $200 + $10 certificate of registration + $5/page
  • Foreign/Domestic Limited Liability Partnerships- $200 + $5/page

Name Reservation

Nebraska allows for the reservation of business names for a period of 120 days prior to filing with the office of the Secretary of State. This process will enable business filers to rest at ease knowing that no other business registration will be accepted with the use of the reserved company name. A filing of this variety costs either $10 + $5/page or $25 + $5/page depending on the type of entity.

Certificate of Good Standing

Those in need of a Certificate of Good Standing will be pleasantly surprised to find that the process is fairly straight forward and the certificate itself costs only $6.50 when purchased online. If you’d like to have the document mailed to you, you will be required to pay a total of $10. Regardless of the manner in which the certificate is to be delivered, filers will be able to access the document through the Business Entity Search function.


In Nebraska, business entities are not required by law to draft a binding agreement upon formation. However, we here at Start a Business always suggest that the founding members of an entity take a moment to consider the benefits of incorporating a set of bylaws into the organizational structure of the business. This document will enable you to successfully delineate all rules and regulations under which the members of the entity will be required to operate. Also, all managerial tasks and duties can be decided upon and relayed for future reference. Take a moment to review the template found below which coordinates with your entity type. You will find that it is downloadable, for free, in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formatting.

Employer Identification Number

If you are forming a domestic business entity, you will most likely be required to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) once you’re formation documents have been approved by the Secretary of State. This identifier will allow you to be seen as legitimate and lawful in the eyes of the federal government. Furthermore, you will be able to in turn hire employees, apply for business loans, and open corporate bank accounts.

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