How to Change Your Nebraska Business Name

A business name change in Nebraska requires filing amendment documents with the Nebraska Secretary of State. A limited liability company (LLC) will file an Amended Certificate of Organization. Corporations file an Amendment to Articles of Incorporation. 

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There are many reasons to want to change your name. Rebranding, ownership change, or a new product or service emphasis are a few that come to mind. Regardless of your reason, you may be wondering how to change a business name in Nebraska. We are happy to help with that. 

There is already so much paperwork that goes into running a business. We are happy to take care of your business name change in Nebraska with our Amendment Filing Service. Whether you decide to take it on yourself or tag us in, it’s a good idea to understand how to change a business name in Nebraska. 

How to Get a New Business Name

A business name change in Nebraska officially happens when your amendment is approved, but several important steps must happen before and after the filing process. 

1) Choose a new business name

The same stipulations that applied when choosing your original name will still apply now. The name you choose can’t be the same or similar to any existing business name in the state. Use our Business Name Checker to ensure your name is up for grabs.

The name of a limited liability company in Nebraska must contain the words limited liability company or limited company or the abbreviation L.L.C., LLC, L.C., or LC. Limited may be abbreviated as Ltd., and company may be abbreviated as Co.

Nebraska corporation names must contain the word corporation, incorporated, company, or limited, or the abbreviation corp., inc., co., or ltd. or abbreviations. Banking institutions do not have to include these words. 

2) Gather information for filing your amendment

The more prepared you are, the smoother the process will be. You’ll need to provide at least this much:

  • The original name of the business
  • Date of initial formation
  • The new name of your business
  • The effective date of the change
  • Authorized signature
  • Filing fee
  • Shareholder voting action on the amendment (if applicable)

Much of the information needed for your LLC Amended Certificate of Organization and Amendment to Articles of Incorporation (for a corporation) is the same. 

3) File your Nebraska Amendment

The Nebraska Secretary of state does not provide a template for amending Articles of Incorporation. Both amendments can be filed online. They can also be uploaded online, mailed, or hand-delivered to the Secretary of State at the capitol building in Lincoln.

After You Change Your Business Name 

Filing your amendment is the official way to change a business name in Nebraska. Once that is accomplished, there are still plenty of things to do. The main action steps are to update official documents and let people know about the name change. 

  • Nebraska Biennial Report – Every other year you will need to file a report to ensure that the state has all the updated information regarding your company. 
  • Trade Name – If you are operating under a different name than your official business name, you will need to file an Application to Amend Trade Name Registration. 
  • Federal and State Tax ID – Update your legal business name with the IRS and state Department of Revenue to reflect properly on your tax forms.  
  • Business Licenses – Nebraska does not have a state-wide general business license requirement. Update any federal, state, or local licenses and permits with their respective governing agencies. 
  • Marketing Materials – Update marketing collateral, advertisements, labels, and anything else that displayed your old name. 

Contact business partners and vendors. Let them know about your name change and whether they need to write or accept checks under the new name.

We can help with your Nebraska business name 

Now that you know how to change a business name in Nebraska, you can decide whether you want to do it yourself or have us take it off your plate. Operating your own business can get overwhelming, and we are here to help.  

Our Worry-Free Compliance Service can help relieve some of that pressure and keep you on track. This service also includes two annual amendments, one of which could be your business name change in Nebraska. 

And if you’re still in the early stages of getting your business established and haven’t formed an entity yet, our Nebraska LLC and Nebraska Corporation Formation Services can get you up and running fast. We’re here for you so that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff and instead focus on making your business endeavor a success.


  • A business name is the official name of your business and the name you put on all of your formation documents. A DBA or Trade Name is a name your company goes by in front of the public.

  • The general purpose of a DBA is to maintain the official business name while having the ability to use a different name. If the only reason to change a business name in Nebraska is to use a different name for marketing purposes, you may consider registering a Trade Name instead.

  • Make sure your name aligns with all Nebraska business naming regulations. Check that the name is not already in use. Register with the Secretary of State as part of your formation documents or file an amendment to change the business name.

  • Amendment documents allow for multiple amendments at one time. As long as they are properly filed, you can make as many Nebraska business amendments as needed.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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