How to Change Your West Virginia Business Name

To complete a business name change in West Virginia, you need to file a form such as an Amendment to Certificate of Incorporation (for corporations), or a Certificate of Amendment (for LLCs). We can handle the heavy lifting for you with our Amendment Filing Service.

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Your business has changed over the years. Perhaps you would like your business name to reflect these changes. To change a business name in West Virginia, you must file an amendment to your Articles of Organization if you have a limited liability company (LLC) or your Articles of Incorporation if you have a corporation. Filing amendment documents should keep your business compliant with state regulations when it changes its name.  

How to Get a New Business Name

How to change a business name in West Virginia involves you taking several steps to ensure that your name is available and that your business complies with state regulations.

1. Choose a new business name

The first step for a business name change in West Virginia is to choose a name. Although this may seem simple, your name must comply with state rules. Generally, your proposed business name must be distinguishable from other business names in the state, with no likelihood of confusion with another business’s name. Corporations and LLCs must comply with other name requirements, so be sure to check with the West Virginia Secretary of State.

You can find out if your proposed name is available by searching the West Virginia Secretary of State’s online portal. After this, they recommend that you call the Secretary of State at 304-558-8000 to confirm its availability. Next, you’ll reserve your name by filing a business name reservation form and a filing fee. 

2. Gather information for filing your amendment

The next step for how to change a business name in West Virginia is to collect the information that you’ll need to file your business amendment with the state. To prepare Articles of Amendment, you’ll need the following information:

  • Your business’s name on record with the Secretary of State
  • The filing date of the original formation document 
  • The new name for the business
  • Contact information for the person to reach if the Secretary of State has any issues filing the amendment
  • The signature of a person authorized to sign on behalf of the business

In addition, a corporation will need to state how the amendment was adopted (e.g., by the board of directors) and the date it was adopted.

3. File your West Virginia amendment

Finally, you’re ready to file your amendment to change your business name in West Virginia. The West Virginia Secretary of State accepts these filings in person, by fax, and by email, along with a filing fee. If you wish to file by email or fax, you’ll include an e-Payment Authorization for the filing fee. The Secretary of State also permits filing online through the West Virginia One Stop Business Portal. They offer expedited filing for an additional fee.

If you’d like to focus on running your business rather than navigating through the name-change process, we can help. We offer an Amendment Filing Service that can take the stress of this off of your plate.

After You Change Your Business Name

A business name change in West Virginia requires both legal and practical steps. After you’ve officially changed your name, you may want to update the following with your new name:

  • Marketing materials, social media accounts, and email addresses
  • Banking and financial information
  • Legal documents
  • Tax and other documents filed with the government

You may also consider contacting your customers and vendors to let them know about your new business name to avoid any possible confusion.

We Can Help

With our help, a business name change won’t be a stressful process. Our Amendment Filing Service can handle your business’s amendments, including a name change. We also have a Worry-Free Compliance service for your ongoing compliance issues, which includes two amendments a year. Our customer success team is available to answer your questions.

We also have business formation services if you haven’t started your West Virginia business. Our West Virginia LLC Formation service and West Virginia Corporation Formation service can help get your business started with ease.

West Virginia Business Name Change FAQs

  • The difference between a doing-business-as (DBA) name and a business name is their legal effect. A business name is an official, legal name of a business entity. A DBA name is a fictitious, trade, or assumed name you use to operate your business.

  • If you have a DBA name, you don’t need to change your business name unless you want to adopt the DBA name as the official business name. Many business owners assume DBA names to reflect a part of their business or services and retain their business names. In West Virginia, you’ll need to register your DBA name with the Secretary of State by mail, email, fax, or online.

  • To register your business name in West Virginia, first, you’ll need to check if your prospective name is available. Then you’ll reserve your business name with the West Virginia Secretary of State. Finally, you’ll need to file an amendment to your formation documents changing your business name with the state. If you haven’t started your business, you can include your business name on your initial formation documents.

  • You can make any number of amendments to your business that you need to so that your business stays compliant with state and federal regulations.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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