How to Change Your New Jersey Business Name

New Jersey’s Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services (DORES) manages all its business forms online. To complete a business name change in New Jersey, you need to file a Business Charter Amendment, also known as a Certificate of Amendment.

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As a business owner, you may want to expand your business, change locations, or sign on a new owner. A new business name can reflect your new vision and goals. If you run a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation registered in New Jersey, you’ll need to file paperwork to change your business name. Filing paperwork will officially change your name with the state and keep your business in good legal standing.

To help you complete the process, we offer an Amendment Filing Service so you can quickly get back to running your business. The rest of this page will explain how to change a business name in New Jersey in three easy steps. 

How to Get a New Business Name

Changing your business name requires a little preparation. You’ll need to choose a new name, gather the information for your amendment, and know when, where, and how to file. Let’s get to it.

1.) Choose a new business name

You probably have a new business name in mind. Nonetheless, your new name needs to meet a few legal requirements. Your new business name must:

  • Include a word or abbreviation that designates your legal entity type (e.g., Limited Liability Company, LLC, Corporation, Company, Co., or Inc.) 
  • Be distinguishable from other registered business names

The designator you choose is up to you. Finding a distinguishable name takes a little more work. You’ll need to search and compare New Jersey’s records of all registered and reserved business names.

2.) Gather information for filing your amendment

To be prepared to file your name change, you’ll need to gather some information. Think back to the information you included in your business formation documents when you registered with DORES. You’ll want to have the following:

  • Business name, as currently registered
  • New Jersey 10-digit Business Entity Identification Number  
  • Business Type
  • Incorporation/Formation/Authorization Date
  • Article number being amended and the type of certificate being amended (Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation)
  • Certification of consent/voting, if applicable
  • Signatures of the incorporators, Chairman of the Board, president, vice-president, or authorized partner

If you aren’t sure if you’ve met your consent/voting requirements or who can sign the amendment, consider consulting with your attorney or business advisor. Finally, be prepared to pay a filing fee.

3.) File your New Jersey amendment 

The state requires new business filers to use paperless filing and online payment methods. The best way to complete the amendment is online through the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services’ (DORES) Business Charter Amendment Service. If you’re unable to file online, you can complete and upload the legacy Business Change and Amendment Form (REG-C-EA).

Filing your name change paperwork is only one part of managing the change to your business. Simplify your life and let us handle the filing details for you with our Amendment Filing Service.

After You Change Your Business Name

After you change your business name in New Jersey, you probably have many places needing updates. Only you know all the places where you’ve used your business name, but here’s a quick list to help you think of everything you might need to change:

  • Your bank, including loans, checking accounts, or credit cards
  • The IRS and New Jersey tax registrations
  • Business licenses
  • Employment contracts and third-party supplier agreements
  • Marketing materials, like websites, logos, business cards, and letterheads

Taking a little time to guarantee your name is used consistently will save you time and confusion later. Remember that your business name represents your business goodwill to the public.

We can help

We help entrepreneurs keep track of their legal obligations as they grow their companies. We can help your business stay updated with its state registration with our Amendment Filing Service. And if you haven’t started yet, we provide Business Formation Services to form a New Jersey LLC or a New Jersey corporation. Your business can be up and running within minutes when you file with us.

Our team of business experts will be here to support you through every stage of managing your business. To receive notifications for important filing deadlines, try our Worry-Free Compliance Service, which includes two amendments a year. Also, we’ll help you keep your documents organized with your own business dashboard and continue to provide you with guidance beyond how to change a business name in New Jersey.

New Jersey Business Name Change FAQs

  • New Jersey requires businesses to register an alternate name if they use a name other than their registered entity name. Filing an alternate name (also called a doing-business-as or DBA name) will allow the public to search for and identify your business. Even if you registered an alternate name, you’d use your true entity name on official documents like annual reports, amendments, and tax returns.

  • Your DBA or alternate name is an additional registered name for your business. However, if you want to change the name you use on official documents, you should use the steps above to file an amendment.

  • Business owners need to file with DORES to register a business name in New Jersey. If you haven’t formed your business yet, you’ll register your business (and name) using New Jersey’s Online Business Formation Service. If you already have an existing business, you’ll need to file an amendment to your formation documents following the steps above.

  • Under New Jersey law, you may amend your Certificate of Formation or Certificate of Incorporation at any time.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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