How to Change Your Louisiana Business Name

Certain business formation documents need to be submitted to finalize a business name change in Louisiana. For instance, you will need to file a Corporations Amendment form (for corporations) or an LLC Amendment form (for LLCs). We can file those for you with our Amendment Filing Service. 

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If you have a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation, your first step is to file paperwork with the State of Louisiana to change your business’s name. Filing paperwork to change your name will assure that your business is legally compliant.

Here are the steps to help you learn how to change a business name in Louisiana.

How to Get a New Business Name

If you want to change a business name in Louisiana, you need to do some prep work. We break down the general steps for you below. 

1.) Choose a new business name

Both LLCs and corporations require business owners to choose unique names in Louisiana. Your business name change in Louisiana must also follow specific rules. For instance, your new name must differ from business names already registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State. 

Louisiana doesn’t require a state-level name search for informal business structures like sole proprietorships or general partnerships. But if you decide to register a trade name or DBA name, you’ll need to search the Louisiana Business Filings database to make sure your desired name is unique and available. You can also call the Secretary of State to see if the name you’d like to use is available.

Before choosing a new business name, here are several helpful things to think about:

  • Consider a business name that sounds good when you say it out loud.
  • Use a name that means something to you and conveys the crux of your product or service.
  • Make sure you can trademark your new name if you want to. You can do this by checking the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s trademark search tool to see whether someone else has already registered it.
  • Try to avoid generic names that are forgettable or don’t call to mind your business’s services or products.

We can help you! Let us check to see if your desired new name is available with our Business Name Checker.

2.) Gather information for filing your amendment

Typically LLC and corporation owners in Louisiana will need the following materials and information from company formation documents to change a business name: 

  • Your business’s current name
  • The date your business filed its Articles of Incorporation (for corporations) or Articles of Organization (for LLCs)
  • Your business’s proper mailing address, NOT post office box numbers
  • The date your business adopted the name change
  • Information about how your business adopted the amendment, or certification showing your business correctly adopted the amendment
  • Your Name Reservation Certification
  • Information about your business’s previous amendments

Name reservations are available for a filing fee. Your new name may be reserved for 60 days. Two 30-day extensions are available upon request. 

3.) File your Louisiana amendment 

Louisiana doesn’t use a particular form for filing amendments to your Articles of Organization. The state accepts amendments legally drafted by an LLC or Corporation and mailed to the Secretary of State with the filing fee. You can mail this amendment to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office.

You can also use Louisiana’s geauxBIZ portal to register an account, reserve your new business name and complete your business filing. Once you get on the geauxBiz portal, look for the option “File Amendments,” click on it, and then:

  1. Enter your LLC’s charter number (You can perform a business name search to find the charter number)
  2. Select the type of amendment you want to file (Statement of Change, Name Change, or Withdrawal)
  3. Enter your new information

The Louisiana Secretary of State also offers walk-in services and appointment services. The office is located at 8585 Archives Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70809, behind the Louisiana State Archives. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

We can also file your Louisiana Business amendment for you to make life easier. Let us take care of your busy work so you can focus on building your company.

After You Change Your Business Name

Once you know how to change a business name in Louisiana, there are several things you’ll need to remember. Be sure to do these things as soon as possible to let your customers know that you’re still open for business. You may even want to celebrate the change with fun social media posts or a blog about why your business name changed. Both are a great way to jumpstart your new brand.

You will want to notify the IRS about your business name change. In some cases, it’s as easy as noting the name change when you file your next tax return. The IRS has different prerequisites depending on your type of business, so be sure to visit the IRS website for specific requirements. 

Don’t forget to change your business’s branding to reflect its new name and logo. Remember to include all business forms, signage, and your website. Contact your website administrators and ask them to redirect your site to your new domain if you use one.

Finally, change your licenses and permits.Nearly all businesses have licenses and permits registered with various local and federal government branches. Be sure to contact the offices associated with those permits to learn how to change your business name on their forms.

We can help

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business or changing your business name in Louisiana, we can help. If you’re interested in turning your business into a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation, our Louisiana LLC Formation Service or our Louisiana Corporation Formation Service will make it easy for you to get started.

Once you’ve established your business, we can help you keep it legally compliant with our Worry-Free Compliance Service, which includes up to two amendment filings per year. Then you can focus on the nuts and bolts of getting your new business off the ground. Whatever your business needs, we’re here to help you every step of the way!

Louisiana Business Name Change FAQs

  • A Louisiana DBA (doing business as) is called a trade name. Louisiana trade name registration allows businesses to operate under a different name from their legal name. For sole proprietorships and partnerships, the original business name is the name of the owner or partners. This secondary DBA name doesn’t replace the original name but is an additional legal name for the business. For example, if the corporation “Flowers, Inc.” wants to do business as “Garden of Delights, ” the owners have to file a DBA.

  • No. Under Louisiana law, you don’t have to change your business name to have a DBA. The owner of a sole proprietorship doesn’t have to register an assumed name to do business under a different name.

    However, the Louisiana Secretary of State requires most other business entities to register their DBA, including corporations, non-profits, limited liability companies, and partnerships.

  • There are two ways to register a business name in Louisiana. First, you can form a business entity such as a limited liability company (LLC). Alternatively, you can register the business name as an assumed name or DBA. The best choice for you depends on the reason for the name registration, the business entity you’re using, and the type of business your company conducts.

  • As many you need. Amendment filings can vary by type of entity and type of amendment. Common amendments include changing a business’s legal name, address, or management status.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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