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Welcome to our webpage committed to providing you with all the information needed to get your entity up and running in New Jersey. The Department of State has designed a streamlined portal in which filers can submit their applications online. A filing fee will be required in the amount of $125 for all businesses except domestic non-profit corporations. Filing can also be accomplished through the mail if you choose to not use the online system. However, this method is a bit more complicated so the state has provided a Business Registration Package that applicants may find useful. Scroll down to start the registration process and get your entity ready to operate!

Starting an Entity in New Jersey

Search for a Business Name

The state of New Jersey has provided a Business Entity Search function that will allow you to view their database and see what business names are currently available for use. We recommend that you take a moment to execute this task as having a unique business name is essential to the acceptance of your registration application. This function can be accomplished during the online filing process. For those who choose to apply through the mail, this step is a must as submitting your application with a name that has already been registered will result in your application being rejected.

How to File in New Jersey

Step 1- It is always recommended that you perform the aforementioned Business Entity Search to check the availability of your business name. Without a unique name, your business application is likely to be rejected. Filing the Application for Name Reservation along with the inclusion of a $50 filing fee will allow filers to reserve a name for 120 days prior to registration.

Step 2- Below you will see all the various types of entities available for registration in New Jersey. We recommend filers first seek legal advice before choosing one of the options to consider the benefits of each.

Step 3- Once the registration documents have been completed and all the requisite information has been supplied, you will need to attach any additional certificates or forms as well as the filing fee. Fees in this state can be paid by credit or e-check (online), check or money order made out by the Treasurer, State of New Jersey (mail). All filing fees are listed below.

New Jersey Filing Fees


  • Domestic Profit Corporation- $125
  • Domestic Non-Profit Corporation- $75
  • Domestic Professional Service Corporation- $125
  • Foreign Profit Corporation- $125
  • Foreign Non-Profit Corporation- $125

Limited Liability Company

  • Domestic Limited Liability Company- $125
  • Foreign Limited Liability Company- $125


  • Domestic Limited Partnership- $125
  • Domestic Limited Liability Partnership- $125
  • Foreign Limited Partnership- $125
  • Foreign Limited Liability Partnership- $125
  • General Partnership- $125

Step 4- For those filing online, your registration will be completed when the filing fee has been supplied. If applying through the mail, send your application, certificates or other forms (if applicable), and filing fee to the address below for processing.

Business Name Reservation

Name reservation can be a useful tool to those who would like to ensure that their desired business name will be available for use upon filing for registration. First, we recommend performing a Business Entity Search to see what names are currently available. To reserve a name, start by downloading the Application for Name Reservation that the Division of Revenue has supplied. The application must be completed and sent by mail, fax, or submitted in person. Once your name has been reserved, it will be held for up to 120 days. A filing fee must be included with your name reservation application in the amount of $50.

Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing (also called a certificate of existence or certificate of fact) is a document that states the current status of your entity. This type of certification is required for entities applying for registration in jurisdictions outside of their own. To obtain a certificate of good standing, a request must be made to the Division of Revenue. You may file online, through the mail, or by fax. All methods require a filing fee that differs from entity to entity. LPs and corporations must supply $25 while all others pay $50 for a short-form certificate and $100 for a long-form.

New Jersey Agreements

No entities are safe from setbacks during the days of initial formation. For this reason, we recommend drafting a corporate bylaw, operating agreement, or partnership agreement in order to maintain a smooth business operation. These documents, though not legally required, can prove useful to the financial and logistical structure of your organization. Stated within each respective agreement are numerous details pertaining to the day-to-day operations of your business. Each member’s role and responsibility can be defined, providing a crystal clear explanation of what to expect from those involved in your entity. For each agreement mentioned, we have supplied a free template that is available for download should you choose to implement one into your business structure.

Employer Identification Number

Many businesses will be required to obtain an Employer Identification Number upon completion of registration. An EIN is a unique number specific to your organization, similar to that of a Social Security Number. Once obtained, you will have the legal ability to hire employees, apply for loans, register for bank accounts, and perform a number of other financial transactions. It is recommended that individuals registering an entity within New Jersey apply for an EIN as soon as their application has been filed. You may also apply online or through the mail with the PDF Form SS-4.

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