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What This Service Is Best Known For: Great low rates, feature-packed formation packages, and a dedication to giving back.

At ZenBusiness, we opened our doors in 2017 and have a unique approach to business formation services thanks to the use of automation to speed up and simplify several parts of the process. Plus, we have formed more than 500,000 businesses.

Let’s see how we stack up when compared to Tailor Brands.

  • We’re one of the most affordable LLC services online. Like Tailor Brands, we can form your new business for free (just pay your state’s required fee).
  • If you like seeing positive customer reviews, you’ll love ZenBusiness. With more than 12,000 reviews available online, it’s difficult to find more than just a small handful of negative reviews. Meanwhile, Tailor Brands has much more of a mix of positive and negative feedback.
  • As a company, ZenBusiness has a commitment to giving back. Being a public benefit corporation, ZenBusiness offers 40 $5,000 small-business grants to our customers and loans money to help underrepresented entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.

If you want to use a socially conscious provider and get exceptional value, choose ZenBusiness.

Northwest Registered Agent

What This Service Is Best Known For: Personalized customer support and a focus on registered agent service.

Northwest was formed in 1998, and with thousands of LLC formations since then, they’re an experienced and reliable option. If you’re looking for a solid mid-size company, they might just be the right choice for you. How do they compare to Tailor Brands?

  • Northwest offers LLC formation service at the price point of $225, while Tailor Brands has a $0 package (you’ll pay your state’s fee either way).
  • Northwest’s claim to fame is its personalized customer support network. While some competitors outsource their support to anonymous call centers in foreign countries, Northwest keeps it all in-house, with knowledgeable reps providing personalized service.
  • As you may have guessed from reading their name, Northwest Registered Agent focuses on offering registered agent service, and they include a year with any formation package, which Tailor Brands doesn’t. Furthermore, Northwest was the first major registered agent provider that locally scans each and every document they receive on your behalf.

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What This Service Is Best Known For: Free LLC formations that still come with valuable features.

IncFile opened in 2004, and they’ve served more than 1 million businesses since then. Their popularity can be attributed to a number of positive qualities, from their low prices to their strong customer feedback. Let’s take a look at how they compare to Tailor Brands.

  • Offering free LLC service packages that only require you to pay your state fee, Incfile and Tailor Brands are two of the most affordable LLC services available.
  • Incfile provides a full year of registered agent service with any LLC formation, while Tailor Brands includes only the basics.
  • Customer feedback is a strong point for Incfile. They have more than 75,000 reviews available online, and they maintain high average ratings. Tailor Brands has a much smaller volume of feedback with less impressive scores.

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What This Service Is Best Known For: Extensive marketing campaigns and a massive volume of customers served.

LegalZoom is one of the most popular LLC service providers in the industry. They’ve formed more than 2 million LLCs since they opened in 1999, and they’ve served more than 4 million total customers. They clearly serve a high volume of customers, but do they compare favorably to Tailor Brands overall?

  • Like Tailor Brands, LegalZoom also starts their pricing for LLC formation service at $0 + state fee.
  • Neither of these companies includes any valuable features with their free LLC formation service packages.
  • Although Tailor Brands and LegalZoom have similar quantities of customer feedback on Trustpilot, LegalZoom’s average score of 4.7 out of 5 is much better than Tailor Brands’ 3.8 average. That said, Tailor Brands is a solid LegalZoom alternative.

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Top Features

More InfoWe do everything needed to file your application with the state and make your business official. Standard LLC Filing
More InfoWe’ll file your paperwork quickly and accurately. If there are any errors with your filing, our team will do what’s needed to make it right. 100% Accuracy Guarantee
More InfoKeeps you compliant with all state-required annual report and amendment filings to maintain LLC protections and avoid fines. Worry-Free Compliance
More InfoThis essential document is like the constitution for your business. Operating Agreement
More InfoOur fastest service puts you to the front of our line of filings. Our Fastest Filing Speed
More InfoOur team will secure your EIN from the IRS so you can open a business bank account, hire employees, and pay taxes. EIN
More InfoIncludes over 25 templates for contracts, service agreements, waivers, and more. Business Documents
More InfoGet online with a website builder tool optimized for traffic and customers. Business Website Builder
More InfoBuild and protect your brand by registering a private domain name that matches your business name. Domain Name with Privacy
More InfoStay organized and give your business more credibility with a business email. Business Email Address

File in 2 to 3 weeks **

1 year free, then $199/yr*

File in 1 to 5 days **

*SPECIAL OFFER – Get Starter for $0 plus state fees. Includes one optional free year of Worry-Free Compliance that renews at $199/yr.
**These filing times are averages and include our processing times and Secretary of State turnaround times which vary by state.

Customer Feedback Comparison

One of the most important aspects of any LLC formation service is the customer feedback the company receives. To help you analyze each company’s customer reviews, we decided to create this customer feedback comparison section that breaks down how these companies stack up next to each other in this crucial area.

LLC formation services can have customer feedback collections that vary considerably in both quality and quantity. With this in mind, we created the following comparison in an attempt to make it as easy as possible for you to compare these companies in an apples-to-apples manner.

  • Tailor Brands: 3,819 reviews / 3.9-star average score
  • ZenBusiness: 12,456 reviews / 4.6-star average score
  • Northwest Registered Agent: 779 reviews / 4.7-star average score
  • Incfile: 75,223 reviews / 4.7-star average score
  • LegalZoom: 6,067 reviews / 4.5-star average score

Final Thoughts

ZenBusiness, Tailor Brands, Northwest, Incfile, and LegalZoom are all popular LLC service providers. Depending on your preferences and the unique needs of your business, you may find that one of them meets your requirements better than the others can.

When it comes down to making a choice between these services:

  • At ZenBusiness, we have a well-rounded service offering that combines a free LLC formation service (just pay your state’s fee) with outstanding customer feedback.
  • Although its customer feedback isn’t the best, Tailor Brands offers free (+ state fee) formation services and specializes in providing helpful design tools for logos, business cards, websites, and more.
  • Northwest is an option if you want personalized customer support and are willing to pay extra for premium services.
  • Incfile could be worth a look if you’re looking for a free LLC service and reasonably priced add-ons.
  • LegalZoom is an acceptable option if you prioritize using the most popular company.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tailor Brands

  • Only one of these five companies provides state-specific publication services: ZenBusiness. Northwest does at least provide their customers with a set of instructions to complete their own publication requirement, but Incfile, Tailor Brands, and LegalZoom don’t help at all. With this in mind, it’s a pretty significant advantage for ZenBusiness to be the only option in this guide for those of you who want help with New York publication service.

  • The filing times for Northwest and Incfile are quite close in most states because these companies use the same criteria to come up with their turnaround time estimates: the processing times of each state. While one of them might be a day or two quicker in a few isolated states, for the most part, there is no significant difference.

    LegalZoom and ZenBusiness, along with Tailor Brands, have turnaround times that vary based on both state capabilities and which level of service you choose. LegalZoom’s cheapest package takes 30 business days, while their most expensive plan takes 7-10 business days. Meanwhile, ZenBusiness and Tailor Brands have turnaround times that vary somewhat from state to state, but processing speeds also depend on which package you select.

  • LegalZoom and ZenBusiness have nearly identical refund policies that are the best in this industry. With either of these services, you’ll receive a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the service for any reason, all you need to do is request a refund. Meanwhile, Tailor Brands has different refund policies for different purchases and situations. You’ll need to email them to request a refund and hope they’ll agree to issue it.

  • You can. In fact, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to form their own LLCs without professional assistance. However, there’s nothing quite like the peace of mind we get from using a business formation service that forms LLCs every day.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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