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Dear Janet,

I have been wanting to open a (horse) tack shop at home, but my wife doesn’t think it would make a go because there have been a couple of them in this town before and they didn’t make it. I believe the reason for that is the high prices and low quality saddles and everything else they would sell. The cost of living is high in this town and that is another reason they did not make it. My advantage is I have been around horse people long enough to know what they want and what prices they are looking for. I want to open it at my house so I won’t have the overhead expenses for lighting, water, rent, etc. The only real bill would be merchandise and a lot of the merchandise is ordered when the customer wants it. Now don’t think I am gonna give up my regular job for it. I work nights so it wouldn’t be a problem for someone to always be here.

I would like to have your feed back on it. 

Thank you.


Dear Hawk,

You seem to know who your customers are and what they want… You are not quitting your job… 

You will have few overhead expenses… 

You can collect at least part of the cost (probably at least your out- of-pocket expense) from up front from the customer…

And you have the Internet to help you reach a wider market than just your own locality. 

While there are no guarantees you’ll succeed, it sounds to me like you’re in a good position to rope in some profits. 

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