Salonist Software Review

Managing everyday chaos in the salon is a tough job. Using a smarter way to handle every task is necessary. We all are enjoying the benefits of digitization has given us.

Adopting the right salon software for your salon will not only make every task seamless, it will also give your Salon the heights that you have not even imagined. 

From so much of research, Salonist is a useful spa and salon software. It is a cloud-based software that is designed for handling the business of all niches.  As a CRM software, it is integrated with the smart features that can help you to meet the business and customer requirements in a personalized manner.  

Engage your customers effectively and increase customer retention rate with Salonist Software, plus, build a positive impression for your salon business.  It is a comprehensive package for managing inventory, analytics, appointments, and much more. The list is endless. Keep reading to discover some of Salonist’s top features:

Appointment Management

Managing appointments with Salonist is an effortless job.  You can book appointments online 24/7, and it takes just a few seconds. Salonist gives you the aibility to manage your day to day operations. You can book appointments for customers during the time slots when your employees are available. Using Salonist, you can even book appointments with customers outside regular business hours.

Business Marketing

With Salonist, you can market your products and services to better reach your customers. It notifies the customers when new products come into existence, and ultimately boosts your business. Get insights regarding your business and change your marketing strategies based on Salonist’s reporting features. This CRM software helps you to distribute offers and discount coupons to loyal customers. That simply is a reflection of more business from potential customers. 

Point of Sale (POS)

Use Salonist POS to sell the services in bulk.   The POS system is accumulated with the appointment system that gives you more chances to sell the products to every customer. You can track sales, inventory, reminders, and appointments with the Salonist POS system. If there would be any change from the bank then Salonist will notify you while transacting online payment.    

Inventory Management

Ensure enough products in your inventory for business promotion and sales with Salonist inventory management.  With this cloud-based software, you can find what is in your stock, and accordingly, you can sell. Handle your different stores to make more profits by tracking the stocks. 

There are other outstanding features that Salonist integrates, such as Prepaid and credit, reward points, employee management, user and role, analytics, location, and many more. 

Different industries, such as Barber Shops, Hair Salons, Massage Therapy, Spa, Nail Salon, and Bridal Salon, can experience the benefits Salonist gives.  Let’s get a brief about every salonist industry below:

Barber Shops

This cloud-based software can be used by the barbershops to manage their business automation process.   It incorporates features, such as, customer management, appointment management, POS, Appointment Reminders, Customized Reporting, etc. 

Hair salon

hair salon can use this CRM Software to manage marketing, appointments,  Reporting, Customers, and POS of their business.

Massage Therapy

Substantially, every task of the massage therapy business can be accomplished with just a click. With POS & robust automatic reminders, Salonist is a comprehensive tool for rapid business development and expansion.


Accomplish Spas mobile booking, marketing, appointments, the POS,  etc. from a Salon software. Undoubtedly, it is the best practice to make your employees and customers happy and to increase business opportunities.

Bridal Salon

With smarter Salon software, the bridal industry can experience immense benefits. Manage sales and marketing in just a click and manage your business. 

Nail Salon

Use Salonist in your nail salon industry to smooth and healthier relationships with your customers. Features, such as Online Booking, Customer Tracking, Hassle-Free Accounting, Package Management, Evaluation of Staff Performance, etc. are integrated into the Salonist to give you. 

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