What is ZenBusiness?

by Team ZenBusiness

- December 19, 2018 8:18 pm

We’re here to help you start, manage, and grow your business. The seemingly nutty part is that we’re willing to do it for so much less than our competitors, but that part only seems nutty until you see the second part of what we do: management and growth. We want your business to not only become a reality, but to stay a reality. We help companies navigate the red tape, regulations, bookkeeping and generally less-fun parts of running your own company.

Many people like the idea of starting their own company, but they operate their business on their own as a sole proprietor instead of a business entity such as a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation. That’s like going skiing in a swimsuit…there’s nothing to protect you from the bitter cold, no padding for when you crash into a tree, and—OH!—the places you’ll get chapped!

We can insulate you from the cold by forming a business entity that protects personal assets like your money, house, car, and more. What’s better, we do it using a relationship-based approach, technological innovation, and a modern, transparent business model.

We strive to be a trusted partner to aspiring business owners by providing the personalized and innovative services they need to be successful.

Great Prices & Products

While some online legal services will help file the paperwork to get your business started, they tend to have hidden costs and take a one-and-done approach that can leave you stranded in a sea of red tape later. Existing entity management services are mainly geared toward larger businesses. ZenBusiness caters to small business owners with our low prices, intuitive dashboard, customized plans, and à la carte product offerings.


We’ve found the best way to establish relationships with our customers is by building trust, so transparency is another important value for us. We’ll only recommend the products and services that are a good fit for your business instead of trying to sell you things you might not need.

Ongoing Protection

We’re confident that our approach of offering fast, affordable, user-friendly services is what small business owners need to protect themselves from liability, maintain good government standing, and grow their business. How confident are we? Our goal is to help start one million new businesses over the next five years.

Giving Back

We care about helping budding entrepreneurs make their dreams come true, and we’re committed to this in more ways than one. One expression of that is our “Pay-It-Forward” project with Kiva.org, an international nonprofit with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. We randomly select women-owned and minority-owned businesses in the US to loan money to each year in an effort to give back and help aspiring business owners reach their dreams.

We offer a wide array of products and services to form, run, and grow small businesses. Here is a brief overview of some of our products and services.

Low-Cost Articles of Incorporation

All of our formation services include preparing and filing all the necessary paperwork to form your business. This also includes a check to make sure that your chosen business name is available and comes with dedicated support from our experienced formation specialists.

Expedited Filing

Need your filing completed in days, not weeks? We have expedited and rush filing options available to make sure you get your filing completed on time and error-free.

Customized Packages

Not all businesses are alike, so we offer a variety of plans to fit your specific business needs. Starter is for business owners who just want to cover the basics; Pro includes more features and is intended for business owners who want a good foundation to grow; and Premium includes the most features and is intended for businesses that are ready to grow quickly.

Employer Identification Number

Before you can open a business bank account or hire employees, you’ll need an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This IRS-designated 9-digit code allows you to keep your business and personal funds separate. We’ll help you obtain one for $70.

Registered Agent

State agencies need to have an official contact and physical address for your business, so they require you to appoint a “Registered Agent.” You can be your own Registered Agent, but, unfortunately, that means your address becomes public record. Also, anytime you move, you must pay filing fees to update that address. You can use our Registered Agent service to have ZenBusiness act as your agent. We’ll filter your junk mail, alert you to scams, and keep digital copies of the documents we file and receive for you.

Worry-Free Guarantee

With so many reporting and filing deadlines to remember when running your business, you might wish you had a personal assistant just to keep up. (Or a robot! Robots are cool. Also, non-union.) That’s why we offer our “Worry-Free Guarantee service” for only $110/year. This tracks State deadlines and covers your annual filing and up to two changes each year (such as adding new owners, changing the business name, or any other amendment to your filing); we only ask that you pay the state fees. If you still miss a deadline, we’ll cover the costs and make a plan to get you back in the State’s good graces.

Business Website

ZenBusiness offers a business website that is automatically created using the information provided in your business formation documents so that you can establish your online presence without breaking the bank. Your site is easily editable, built to sync with our domain name service, and formatted to look great on any device!

  Domain Name

A domain name is the unique name that represents a company online and can be used for a website, email address, or both. ZenBusiness can secure a domain name for you and ensure it aligns with your new business name.

 Business Email Address

ZenBusiness offers a single email inbox that aligns to your domain name with 5 GB of free storage. These business email accounts also block spam and other unwanted email, stay synced across devices, and more.

Our use of automation and other leading technologies helps us keep our costs low and pass those saving on to you. You’ll especially appreciate that technology when you see your personalized business dashboard, which allows you to easily track, manage, and adjust your account, and gives you quick support from our expert staff. Our staff—made up of highly skilled individuals on hand to support you as your business grows—also distinguishes us from the competition.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. In turn, we hope you’ll let us learn about you, your business, and how we can help. Remember that you have a choice besides drowning in red tape and skiing in your swimsuit. We’d like to be your first choice and trusted partner as you start and grow your company.

ZenBusiness is a small company, too. We’re made up of real people, a small staff of folks who are dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams. Let us help you reach yours by starting your business with us today.

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