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Hotel Names

Hotel Names: Original Examples and Tips

Follow our step-by-step guide to naming a hotel business or use the business generator form below to see if your business name is available to register as a domain.

Get a quick list of hotel company domain names to use as inspiration!

Hotel Names: Original Examples and Tips

  1. Five ways to choose the creative hotel name
  2. Hotel names examples
  3. How to use a name in branding

People look at dozens of options when choosing a hotel for a vacation on the Internet. The first thing they pay attention to is the name: it is important to make it original, memorable, and telling about the business. We will describe in detail further how to do it.

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Five ways to choose the creative hotel name 

Start with thorough business analysis, then move on to brainstorm and sort the options.

1. Highlight the location

Location is one of the determining criteria when choosing a hotel. It can be a district, a city, a street, or famous places located near the hotel. Perhaps you can see the forest, the sea coast, sunset, or dawn from your windows – these words can also be used in naming. When choosing a geographical criterion, remember two nuances:

  • make sure your competitors from the next street don’t use the same location reference;
  • do not mislead guests: you should not write the word “center” if, in fact, the hotel is located on the outskirts.

2. Tell about your benefits

Think about the nature of the brand and answer the question: what should people know first about your hotel? It can be:

  • concept features: ecological principles, animals care, holidays with children;
  • the impression you want to make: modern, luxurious, friendly, fun, etc.

3. Brainstorm

Have you decided on the main characteristics from the previous paragraphs? To present them creatively, draw a mind map: write a keyword in the center of the sheet, come up with several associations for it, and a few more for each of them. This trick can be done with all the keywords.

Use your imagination to the maximum and write everything that comes to mind: brainstorming will give you fresh, non-banal ideas. Select the best of them and make a list with keywords that you think are suitable for the title.

4. Generate names

It’s time to make up names based on your list. Do not hold back your creativity: combine incongruous, come up with short and long, funny and serious phrases. The  ZenBusiness online constructor will help in this process: it will offer dozens of names for keywords. Based on them, you can create a logo, slogan, and other corporate identity elements online – such visualization will make it easier to choose a name.

Create a name for your hotel in a few clicks: it’s free!

5. Check the results

After generating names, select a few options you like. Analyze them to choose the right one. The name must meet the following criteria:

  • Be easy to pronounce and write. Hotels are often recommended to friends and searched on the Internet: avoid hard-to-remember words that have several spellings variants.
  • Informative and/or emotional. The name tells about your hotel or creates a vivid image.
  • Be unique. Make sure that the same name is not taken by competitors – this will create confusion and depersonalize the business. You will also need a unique domain name to create a website.
  • Be universal. Most likely, tourists from different countries will come to you. Check if your name causes negative associations in other languages.

Hotel names examples 

Another tip for successful naming is to go to popular booking sites (such as Booking or local online resources), find names that you like, and analyze what techniques they are built on. We have prepared a small selection for inspiration.

Family hotel


The name of the hotel chain Four Seasons says that guests are equally welcome here at any time of the year.

Country hotel


The ironic name The Pig at Combe indicates the location of the hotel and hints that guests here will be as happy as pigs living in nature.

Luxury hotel

A five-star boutique hotel with a modest name, Hotel 41, emphasizes the prestigious address: the 41st room is located on the street in the very center of London – Buckingham Palace Road, next to the Royal Palace.



A simple and elegant solution: add a preposition to the place name, as the owners of Via Amsterdam did.

Guest house

Deluxe Beachfront Villa Immortelle – is the name chosen for the guest house, which is located on a deserted island in Croatia. The word “immortality” refers to living nature far from civilization.


How to use a name in branding  

In a hotel, you have the opportunity to use the name at the maximum number of points of contact with customers – from the street sign and the reception decor to the accessories in the rooms (towels, bathrobes, slippers, toiletries, dishes, letterheads and much more). Don’t forget about the online space: website, social media, and email signatures.


To come up with a good name for your hotel, first of all think about the impression you want to make on your guests and the benefits of your business. Try to keep the name creative and  unique and convey the image of the brand – this will attract the attention of customers and help them remember you.

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