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Travel company name

Travel company name: Original Examples & Tips

Follow our step-by-step guide to naming a travel company business or use the business generator form below to see if your business name is available to register as a domain.

Get a quick list of travel company domain names to use as inspiration!

Travel company name: Original Examples & Tips

  1. Five strategies for travel agency naming
  2. Examples of travel agency names
  3. How to use a name in branding

The tourism industry is very competitive, and therefore the name of the travel agency should be really unique, memorable, and distinguish you from your competitors. From the article, you will learn how to achieve this.

Five strategies for travel agency naming 

The purpose of the name is to tell customers what you offer, stand out in the market, and talk  about the brand. There are five strategies for doing this.

1. Define a niche

Are you into culinary tourism, active holidays, Mediterranean cruises, or car tours? State it in the title: this way, you will quickly reach the target audience.

You don’t have to use literal phrases like “cooking”, “Italy” or “outdoors”: pick up associations and include the names of iconic sights or phrases specific to certain places and cultures. Even if you expand your specialization in the future, associative names will still evoke pleasant feelings.

2. Express your brand personality

Show the “human face” behind the business sign: customers are attracted not only by material benefits but also by the emotions that you allow them to experience. To define brand personality, answer the following questions:

  • What brand image do you want to create in the eyes of potential customers (for example, reliable, professional, intelligent, or protective)?
  • What feeling do you want to give to the customers who use your services (joy, relaxation, energy, and development)?

3. Set yourself apart from the competition

Competitor analysis is a mandatory step when choosing a name and promotion strategy. Study what names are used in the market, do not repeat them and do not come up with similar ones. Firstly, this way, customers will not confuse you, and secondly, it will be easier for you to buy a unique domain name for the site.

4. Keep it simple

Do not overdo it in search of uniqueness: the main criteria for a good name are simplicity and memorability. People will search for your company on the Internet or recommend it to friends, so the spelling and sound of the name should not raise questions. Try to create a name without complex letter combinations, puns, or ambiguities that only you understand.

5. Use online generators

Are you not sure how to put together a suitable name based on a lot of ideas? Online name generators will come to the rescue – such as the free service from ZenBusiness. Enter a couple of keywords, and the generator will offer many options until you find the right one. Life hack: to make a choice easier, we advise you to immediately create a corporate identity on ZenBusiness. Seeing how the name looks with the slogan, corporate colors, and fonts, you can easily weed out inappropriate options.

Online name generator is an easy and fast way to come up with a name for a travel agency: try it right now!

Examples of travel agency names

See what name other travel company owners have come up with. Note the tricks that will help your business stand out from the competition.

Travel agency with a narrow specialization

The name The Mountain Adventure Company indicates a profile niche. The agency is engaged only in mountain recreation: from rock climbing to skiing.


Cruise company 

The name Royal Caribbean is an example of how the expansion of specialization does not affect naming. Initially, the American company was engaged only in cruises to the Caribbean but gradually expanded its geography to almost the whole world. Nevertheless, the Caribbean has remained in the name as a synonym for a prestigious vacation. It is strengthened by the definition of “royal”, informing potential guests about the high level of service.



The name of the company Adventour Africa, which organizes safari, uses two tricks. “Adventour” is a wordplay based on “adventure” and “tour”. And the add-on “Africa” clarifies the geography of tourist adventures.


Bus tours

The name of the popular European Hop On Hop Off excursions describes the way they are run. Tourists can get on or off the buses traveling on a circular route at any stop.


How to use a name in branding

The tourism business has many offline customer contact points: print the name on all documents (tickets, vouchers, guides, etc.), place it on transport, guide equipment, and souvenirs. Do not forget about online advertising: the name should be put on the site, social networks, and banner if you are promoting a business on Google.


A beautiful name is a strong beginning for starting a business and attracting the attention of the target audience. But in the future, to strengthen your position in the market and retain customer loyalty, make sure that a truly excellent service stands behind a creative name

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