Five Courses With Employment Prospects

Perhaps your interest in edibles is so compelling that you’d be interested in seeking out a career in the food industry. There are many rewarding foodie careers to consider – and many choices for degree programmes that could prepare you for success with them. Consider the following five courses with employment prospects:

Food Science

Food purveyors have an ongoing need to hire innovative individuals who can help to improve food safety, increase food shelf life, maximise food flavour, enhance food texture and efficiently process food to optimise its allure. If this sounds like an appealing sort of job description to you, perhaps you would be keen to obtain a degree in food science. This credential could help to qualify you for a job as a food technologist or food scientist.


Nutrition is one of the most vital foundations for human health. Obtaining a degree in this science can lead to various career paths in the field of allied health including dietitian or nutritionist. There are also many possibilities for sub-specialties within these two broader fields; for example, you could become a pediatric dietitian or a sports nutritionist. Whatever your specialisation, your job would most likely involve helping to monitor and direct your clients’ food intake with the goal of helping them to meet their dietary and health-related objectives.


Chemistry has many possible applications in industry and the health sciences. In particular, chemists are in demand by employers in both the winemaking and food manufacturing industries. They might hold job titles such as food scientist or wine scientist. Their job descriptions could include a broad variety of tasks including research, testing, implementing quality control procedures, and developing recipes or blends that incorporate their knowledge of various chemical substances.

Health Science

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in health science could potentially lead you to a broad variety of different possible careers. With this degree in hand, it’s possible to become a food safety auditor, food safety officer, environmental health officer,nutritionist, weight loss consultant,or other allied health professional. The specifics of each job would vary depending on your employer’s needs, but overall, your focus would be on improving health outcomes for your clients or patients.

Commercial Cookery

Before the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, commercial cookery was a career path with exceptionally strong prospects for hiring. Nowadays the future job outlook is much more uncertain, because so many restaurants and cafes have closed. It remains to be seen how many of the closures will be temporary versus how many of these businesses will be unable to make a recovery.

However, chefs are needed in venues other than just cafes and restaurants. There are still some job opportunities for chefs in various other types of places including aged care facilities and private homes. With many other unemployed chefs around, you should be aware that it will likely be competitive to obtain work in this field in the immediate future. However, we’ll remain optimistic that this will once again be a viable career path in the long term.

These aren’t the only types of courses a foodie might enjoy studying, but they’re some of the most straightforward options for people who want to make food or nutrition the focus of their career. Any of these five courses could help to prepare you for enjoying a successful and rewarding future career.

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