10 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling a company’s products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics; including social media marketing and email marketing, amongst many more. Considering how accessible the Internet is today, it makes perfect sense that all brands enter the world of digital marketing, so as to keep up with the boom of consumers online and expand their reach. The following are ten reasons why your business should waste no time in hiring a digital marketing agency.

Better Focus on Running Your Business

Managing your brand’s online marketing can mean having to undergo the hiring process of finding suitable new talents, as well as the building of a reliable team. This requires the use of valuable resources such as manpower and time, and no time should be wasted when it comes to establishing your brand’s online presence; you’d want to put yourself out there, fast.

Hiring the services of a digital marketing agency resolves these issues. With an experienced team working with you, you simply need to share your organizational goals and give them a timeframe to work with. Precious time to be spent on training your in-house marketing team can now be used for growing your business and putting the focus on the other essential aspects.

Cut Down Overall Costs

Some business owners may be fearful of the additional costs that come from hiring a digital marketing agency. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that such a move is less costly in the long run, and the results can show much sooner too.

For one, these agencies work as independent contractors, which eliminates the need for payroll taxes. You’ll also have no need to hire new talents to join your company, which saves on all the employment costs including their benefits, wages, and health care costs. Working with a professional agency also means that you save on the costs of obtaining the necessary tools needed to run online campaigns, which can be pretty expensive.

Work with Professionals

Most smaller-sized businesses would find that working with a digital marketing agency is the obvious superior option, as it’s just not the most feasible choice to hire experts in this field at the onset of your campaigns. Having your employees trained to learn and understand all online marketing tactics is also time-consuming. Engaging professional services from a digital marketing agency diminishes the worry of them not being experienced enough to handle your online marketing projects, as the professionals will have the expertise from working on many similar projects.

Stay Relevant in Your Competitive Industry

Even though it is a time-consuming task, a good understanding of your industry, competitors, and all the latest marketing practices is required before the launch of any campaign. Here’s where you can count on the digital marketing experts, who will have the resources to conduct all the necessary research and would also be kept abreast of the newest developments in the field.

The agency will be well-able to identify and craft specific marketing strategies that are targeted to reach your brand’s target audience. With their solid research done on prospective buyer’s interests and concerns, they will aim to achieve maximized reach.

Get New Ideas

You can count on a professional digital marketing team to be your marketing idea bank! An experienced team should be well-equipped with a basket of fresh and great ideas that they can extend to your brand and will be able to provide new perspectives on top of what your own employees have already been working on.

For instance, a marketing agency should be able to identify and zone in on the preferences of your target consumers. From there on, they will work on determining what direction your brand would best excel in to be in tune with them, as well as the type of content that would appeal best to your target consumers.

Scalability of Service

One of the biggest pros of engaging the services of a digital marketing agency would be the scalability you stand to benefit from them. Due to the additional resources required to fuel growth, the size of your team will normally expand as your business expands, or whenever a new launch is on the horizon. If you choose to work with a digital marketing agency, this eliminates the need to hire more team members. This is because an experienced digital marketing team should be able to accommodate your business’s peaks and troughs, and can offer different services based on your business size.

Measurable Results

When it comes to marketing strategies, an excellent digital marketing agency team will have the skill sets to determine the most appropriate metrics and key performance indicators that your business can aim to work towards. Such indicators act as a guide for how your marketing campaigns ought to perform in a certain timeframe. The digital marketing team should be able to offer sound insights into how your campaigns are performing, as well as give feedback on the engagement between your brand and prospective customers.

The Provision of Tools

A wide variety of tools and different combinations of them are required for each specific marketing campaign launched by companies. This includes competitor analysis, paid search management, and many more. It may not be the most feasible option for businesses to pay to use such online marketing tools for each individual campaign, as the accumulated cost can come up to be quite an amount. The services of marketing agencies will automatically come with an abundance of digital marketing tools, which is a load off your shoulders.

Professional Advertisements

Nowadays, ads are aplenty, and professional ads are not easy to produce. By having a digital marketing agency undertake this task, you can be better assured of the quality of content produced. They would be able to determine the best content placement and plan that suits each individual campaign across the different social media platforms.

The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling means to develop memorable and engaging content that can capture the hearts of viewers. While your in-house marketing team works on promoting your goods and services, the digital marketing agency would be responsible for the spreading of your brand’s story over all possible media platforms. It’s important that businesses recognize their brand reputation on social media, as increasingly more people rely on online reviews and perceive an image of the brand from such avenues.


Brands that still do not recognize the importance of having an online presence will ultimately fall behind, especially with how the competition is rife across many industries. Don’t hesitate to engage the professionals; you’ll be better able to maximize results and content reach, and build an even bigger consumer base! And if you’re unsure of where to find such professionals, the platform Sortlist has plenty of options for you to choose from!


Samantha Acuna

Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.

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