7 Alternatives To Working From Your Home Office

Many people these days work remotely or set up a home office because they run a business from home. However, working from a home office is not always practical or even possible. For instance, you may have insufficient space in your home to set up a dedicated office, or you may have too many disruptions to work productively from home. In addition, even if you have a home office, there are times when you may want an alternative even if it is just for a chance of scenery!

The good news is that there are lots of alternative options that you can consider if you want a dedicated space from which to work. In this article, we will look at some of the key options that you can consider.

What Are the Options?

You will find plenty of viable alternatives if you want a place to work other than your home office. Some of the options are:

Working Outdoors

One of the things you may want to consider in the summer months is working outdoors. With the availability of WiFi at locations near to outdoor spaces such as parks, you can easily connect and get on with your work. You can take in attractive surroundings and enjoy fresh air as you work, and it won’t cost you a dime!

Cafés and Bars

Many people these days enjoy the chance to head to a bar or café where they can settle down with a refreshing drink and get on with their work. You can find a venue that offers free WiFi, tuck yourself away in a discreet corner, and get on with your tasks in the comfort of a cozy venue where you have drinks and food available.

Storage Facilities

A lot of people also set up a small office at a storage facility, and this is a cost-effective solution for many. You can learn more about how to run a business from a storage unit here. If you do not have space for a home office at your property, this is a great alternative because it is cheap and convenient.


For some people, the peace and tranquility of a library setting is ideal for working. You can access free WiFi at libraries, and you have the added bonus of plenty of seats and tables from which to work. You can use your own laptop or use the ones provided at the library depending on how long you need computer access.


Like bars and cafes, restaurants have also become a popular venue from which to do some work. If you are heading out for a spot of lunch or dinner but you have work to get on with, you can kill two birds with one stone by taking your laptop along.

Serviced Offices

Another option for those who do not want to work from a home office is to rent a serviced office. Here, you can benefit from access to equipment, workspace, and even communal facilities such as reception services.


Many hotels these days provide day rates for those who want to work from one of the rooms or suites for the day. So, if you fancy a change of scenery or you are planning to work from another location for the day, this could be a great choice.

These are some of the alternatives you can consider.

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