7 Tools To Inspire A Freelance Writer’s Creativity

As a working writer, it can be difficult to be productive when your creative energy is tapped out.

Unfortunately, deadlines don’t wait for inspiration. You simply must find ways to write, no matter what. Fortunately, there are many tools available that can help you find creative inspiration, or even help you get out of your own way so that you can allow inspiration to find you.

Here are 7 of these tools. Each one is useful in its own way.

1. OmmWriter

Omm Writer inspires creativity through its simplicity. It’s literally just you, the page, and your keyboard.  In order to make the writing process even more pleasant, you can select beautiful backgrounds, ambient noise, and even turn on an option to play keyboard noises while you type. All of the bells and whistles that can make writing so distracting are hidden away.

2. Focus Booster

Sometimes you are your own worst enemy when it comes to the creative process. While waiting for inspiration to hit, you allow yourself to become distracted and you start surfing through your favorite social media sites, or watching videos. Focus Booster let’s you enter in the names of websites that tempt you away from your writing, and blocks those sites for a period of time. This forces you to focus on writing.

3. iMindQ

iMindQ is an amazing utility that allows you to build on creative ideas. Mind mapping allows you to explore and expand on new ideas in a visual format. If you are working with another writing or other creative person, you can use this utility in presentation mode, so the other person can see your vision as you work on it.


5. TrustMyPaper.com

If you are facing multiple deadlines, it can be difficult to find the creative energy each writing project deserves. Trust My Paper is a content writing service with professional writers who can take on writing tasks for you when you are overloaded with work. The company also offers editing, proofreading, and rewriting services. If you are looking for inspiration via writing advice, the writers at Trust My Paper regularly post blogs on writing and related topics.

6. Creativity Portal

If you find that you have hit the wall and are completely without inspiration, go visit the Creativity Portal. This website is the mecca for all things creative. As a writer, you will find writing prompts in categories ranging from travel/adventure to a 365 day visual prompt generator. You can also stimulate your brain with writer’s exercises, read interviews of other creative folks, play word games, and read informative blog posts on writing and publishing.

7. Evernote

How much more creative would you feel if you were able to capture all of your writing ideas the moment you thought of them. This is just one of the many functions of Evernote that writers can use. It is a perfect app for jotting down ideas quickly. This means that there is no risk of an idea fading away while you wait to record it. All you need to do is open the app and type in your idea. Later, you can use Evernote to create a project for your new writing idea, or to add that idea to an existing project. As your idea becomes a fully realized writing project, you can use Evernote as both a writing platform, and a way to organize your notes and research.

Julie Ellis is a blogger from Miami, FL. Follow me on Twitter to find more about development of business writing skills.

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