Job Guide: Becoming A Self Employed Courier

In previous articles, we discussed about the advantages of being your own boss by working as a freelance courier as well as the requirements to work as a self-employed courier. If you think that this is the right choice for you, here are the details on how to get started.

Let’s take a quick look at how to get started and then, we’ll share some tips on making the most out of this new and exciting venture of yours.

Getting Started

First of all, you will need to contact the following companies by phone, letter or even in person. The courier company has to list you as a self-employed courier for giving you work.

You can begin by checking the Thomson Local or Yellow Pages to find the local courier companies. Another important resource for you is the popular website Courier Exchange which is a directory of work for those working as freelance couriers.

It is important that you sign up for as many of these courier companies as possible. Keep in mind that you may not get regular work at the start with these companies. If you do the job well, you will likely get more regular work. There is no shortage of work with these companies and there is always work for reliable freelance couriers.

It is recommended to carry a business card that you can post or give in person to these companies to ensure that they have all the needed details to get in touch with you. Your card should include various details such as contact numbers, name as well as preferred working hours. In addition to the card, you may also include a letter with some more information about you.

However, if nobody from the courier company calls you back within a couple of weeks, you should contact them again to make sure that they still remember your name and consider you for work.

Smart and Professional

Needless to say, you need to appear smart and professional. Your work will involve making deliveries to various professional clients which means that your appearance affects the image of the courier company as you are representing the company while making the delivery.

Also keep in mind that your appearance will be noticed by the courier company and they will give work to other smart looking careers in case your appearance is not up to their standards. Here are some tips.

Efficiency Is Key

For a freelance courier, time is money. It is recommended to invest in a smart phone with GPS or a satellite navigation system to ensure that you do not waste too much time on the road due to traffic jams and congestion.

However, there will be times when you get caught in traffic and during such times, it is important for you to inform your destination of changes in the scheduled arrival time. Clients expect such professional behaviour from a quality courier services. Your efforts in keeping them informed will be appreciated and they are much more likely to understand your reasons for showing up late. Ensuring you have a quality courier insurance policy is also important. 

Do not forget that getting caught in traffic is actual loss for you as you could have made more deliveries during early evening or afternoon.

Administration and Bookkeeping

It is recommended to regularly take some time to track your client list and invoices. You can do this on your computer with the help of software such as Microsoft Office or Google Docs or you can use pen and paper.

As a self-employed courier, you should always be on top of your admin and invoices. You may not be able to keep track of who owes you what, once you start receiving regular work from many courier companies. You should also properly track your expenses to ensure that you have proper details as you will certainly need them at the end of the tax year.

By: Robert Kh
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