Steps to Starting a Clothing Line

Here are the first steps to starting a clothing line!

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steps to starting a clothing line

You know you love fashion and design beautiful clothes. But you are not sure how to start your clothing line.

Start by taking an online class from Udemy, taught by garment industry expert and University of California fashion instructor here: How to Start a Clothing Line

In the beginner level course, you will learn step by step how to get into the fashion business with your line of clothing. If you have little to no knowledge of the fashion industry, this is the introduction course you need.  After watching these videos, you will know the vital steps to start a fashion business.  Information covered includes understanding your consumer, the process of designing a line, how to create a marketing plan and coordination manufacturing production.

Here are the exact steps, in chronological order, how to start your clothing line.

  1. Brand First – The name of your line and the brand image is primary for fashion success. Start by brainstorming names and concepts early in your business planning phase.
  2. Protect Your Intellectual Property – Trademark your company and brand name with the US Trademark Office.
  3. Define Your Market and Target Customer – Exactly what type of apparel do you want to create and sell? Is it couture style wedding gowns, urban streetwear, women career wear or casual, funny t-shirts.  As you focus on the items, you want to launch your line with profile your ideal customer. Who is your target customer? How old is he/she? What are their demographics (where they live and work) and economic (their clothing budget) status?
  4. Samples and Manufacturing – Sharpen your pencil and calculate the cost of your design production. This is a lengthy process that is core to your success. You will want the best quality, in fabric and construction, at the lowest cost. Take your time to research and visit multiple vendors before placing your order for your first clothing line. The right manufacturing partner is key to your business success.
  5. Sales and Marketing – Your business plan that you created first will detail the model you decided would be best for your clothing company. It describes how you plan to sell your designs; online at your e-commerce website, at fairs and festivals, in exclusive clothing boutiques, department stores, eBay or Etsy sites.
  6. Management and Accounting – Use a quality online accounting software such as our recommendation Quickbooks Online to track all your sales, expenses and costs.  QB online offers a free mobile payment processor, to take credit card payments with your cell phone and app. Your customer’s payment is automatically entered into your company financial account in Quickbooks – savings tons of time and reducing errors.

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