Direct Mail Response

Boost your response to direct mail with this advice.

9 Ways to Improve Your Direct Mail Brochure
Sure, the letter is the most important element in any direct mail package. But don’t forget the brochure. It’s important too! Here are nine ways to improve the pulling power of your next brochure.

Is Your Envelope Killing Your Direct Mail Response?
If your direct mail pieces are not getting the interest you want, you may want to think about the packaging you send your direct mail in. A boring package could be your problem. Read on to find out how dimensional mailers can dramatically improve your direct mail response.

Direct Mail Research Pays Off
You can spend a lot of money on a direct mail campaign that underperforms, or you can invest a little time on the front end to research your idea first. Read more to learn why research is the key to direct mail success >>

Top Ten Direct Mail Mistakes
In order to make a direct mail campaign work, it’s important to avoid common pitfalls. Mistakes can be in your copy, your list, and even on what you put on your envelope. Here are ten common mistakes people make that sabotage sales.

Supersize Your Sales Letters!
Having trouble getting your prospects’ attention? You’ll surely get noticed if you try something unusual, like sending an oversized postcard. Read more >>

Boost Your Direct Mail Response with a Better Offer
How’s your direct mail program working? Not quite satisfied with your response rates? Want to kick things up a notch or two or three? It may be as simple as improving your offer — which, after all, can account for up to 60% of your success. Read more >>

Direct Mail That Gets Attention
Are you in fear that your direct mail piece won’t get your prospect’s attention? This articles shows you two mailers that grabbed one marketer’s attention… and kept it! Details >>

Take Your Marketing to the Extreme
Want a big boost in response and quick sales from your next direct marketing effort? Then take your marketing to the extreme. Read more >>

Using Direct Mail to Build Business
Looking for new customers? Don’t forget about traditional mail. Here are tips to help small businesses profit from direct mail. Read more >>

Reach vs. Frequency
Which marketing campaign do you think would get better results: the one that contacts 100 customers one time, or the one that contacts 25 customers four times? Your expenses are nearly identical for both campaigns, but the results aren’t. Read more >>

Salesmanship, Repetition and Direct Mail
Any salesperson worth his commission check will tell you that landing new business takes a repeated and concerted effort. This is all the more true with salesmanship in print. Read more >>

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