Freelance Job Spotlight: Legal Transcription Training And Work

Another Low-Cost Way To Start A Business And Become Self-Employed

Are you looking for a free or very inexpensive way to start your own business or otherwise become self-employed? Well, then consider becoming a legal transcriptionist. Legal transcriptionists listen to recorded dictation and transcribes it into legal documents. If you want to work from home and set your own hours, then becoming a legal transcriptionist may be an ideal career choice for you.

So how does one get into the legal transcription business? What makes it an attractive venture for an entrepreneur? And, what skills or training do you need?

Does This Sound Like You?

While anyone can train to become a legal transcriptionist, those who go on to successful careers in the field tend to have certain traits in common. Among these traits are:

  • Strong English grammar and spelling.
  • Excellent critical thinking ability
  • Good hearing
  • The ability to understand foreign accents
  • Punctuality
  • Efficient and accurate typing
  • Sensitivity to confidential information

In order to get the proper training necessary to become a legal transcriptionist, you can take classes either in person, or through distance learning programs. The fact that you can complete your coursework remotely makes completing the training easier for those with other time-consuming responsibilities.

Another enticing aspect of this line of work is that the training can be completed relatively quickly, often in as little as 3 months. Some companies may even allow you to train on the job, so you can earn money while you are learning.

What’s Great About It?

Being a legal transcriptionist allows you to set your own hours, and many people find this to be one of the most attractive aspects of a career in this field. Additionally, legal transcriptionists can make over $40,000 per year.

The up-front costs and overhead associated with starting and maintaining this type of business are fairly minimal. You’ll need the correct software, and purpose-built foot pedals are available which allow you to control audio playback without needing to remove your hands from the keyboard. You probably won’t need much else in the way of specialized equipment, though. Most of us already have a computer and a headset.

Finally, job prospects for those in this line of work are excellent. Legal proceedings can go on for extended periods of time, and courts always have plenty of documents that need to be transcribed. The same goes for insurance companies and financial institutions.

If you feel you have the skills necessary to be a great legal transcriptionist, and you’re looking for a career that will allow the flexibility of setting your own hours, has minimal up-front costs, and doesn’t take too long to get started, perhaps you should consider a career in legal transcription.

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