How To Run A Successful Beauty Salon


Taking over a pre-established successful beauty salon as a manager is no easy task, much less starting a beauty salon from scratch! Regardless of the nature of your business, beauty salons are no easy feat. There are a lot of matters that managers should look out for and be prepared for, and after overcoming these challenges, the rewards at the end will indeed be worth it; leaving you extremely accomplished. Without further ado, let us jump right into the tips and tricks that will help you keep your beauty salon running smoothly.

Use negative feedback

Regardless of how positive or negative customer reviews are, it is best to use them to your advantage and improve on your business. It helps you understand the service that you are selling to customers from their own perspectives, giving you the opportunity to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. It is important to keep a record of negative reviews through a complaints log, which means that your salon is effectively addressing and responding to negative reviews, no matter how bad they are. This gives you a chance to learn from past mistakes and further improve on the customer experience. It also gives your business a chance to justify and explain the situation to customers, avoiding the chances of it being spread to other potential customers and resulting in a bad reputation.

Settle all human resource matters

As important as your beloved customers are, your staff members are actually your most prized possessions. They are your talents and without them, the shop will not be running at all. Thus, a useful strategy to keep your salon successful is to keep your staff happy and satisfied as well. Handling and addressing human resource matters will help them realize that you are a manager that care for their well-being as well, and see the value in them sticking around. It also boosts the team morale knowing that they are well-taken care of and have a superior who watches out for them. By creating a holistic and positive environment, it helps to motivate your staff to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Optimize the recruitment process

As previously mentioned, your employees are the front liners who are reeling in customers. Hence, it is important to speed up the process of recruitment especially if there are vacancies or a shortage of manpower. Recruitment is indeed a lengthy and time-consuming process, so it is important to optimize it so as to keep your salon going. Cutting down on the waiting time after every interview is one way of making it more efficient, in order to prevent your salon from incurring losses because of the lack of manpower. Another way to optimize your salon’s work processes is to use software that is catered to your needs.

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Analyze your budgets

One of the most challenging matters that a beauty salon manager or pretty much any kind of manager has to face is deciding on the amount of budget to set aside for your staff members, equipment, marketing, and so on. It is important that your salon sticks to the budget and maximizes the finances allocated for a specific task or aspect of your business. Running an in-depth analysis of your costs will also help you to look out for ways to reduce costs, so as to pump in more money in areas that need it more. As a manager, it is important to plan your salon’s finances well and to make crucial financial decisions. Slowly breakdown the costs and work towards the end goal of your salon.

Be a team member

Though you are a manager, it is important to also be a team member and work on your camaraderie with your employees. The most important thing is to observe the behavior of your employees, whether it is performing a task, or spending some idle time at the reception. As you start to warm up to your employees, they will slowly treat you as a part of the team and behave normally around you. That is when you can observe certain habits of your employees that are not ideal and even some good traits that some of them have. As a manager, it is important to understand your team well and the dynamics and remember to put your foot down when necessary. Though you are a part of the team, you are their boss after all!

Share your vision with your team

Apart from your plan of action, the vision for your salon sets the foundation of any given action and determines the success of your salon. Set down some goals for the year and share it with your team; this makes them feel like they are a part of the family and it will help to motivate them to work towards the goal together. It is also useful to name your vision or concise it in a short phrase, and place it somewhere that is visible in the salon — it helps to remind your team every day of this shared goal and push them to the best of their abilities. If all team members are in it together, your success is near!

Conduct individual meetings

Though group meetings are important, individual meetings with each employee are also crucial in helping you understand your team better. Set aside time each month to have a friendly chat with your employees; to find out their difficulties, challenges, and where their heads are at with regards to the team vision. It helps to make a deep connection with each member as you get up close and personal with them. By understanding them better, you will be able to play up their strengths and complement the strengths of other members; helping your team work more effectively and efficiently.


If you follow these tips well, success will soon be in sight! The most important thing is to be focused and build a strong connection with your employees. As it is a service that you are providing, the success of the beauty salon ultimately depends on how well your staff handles customers, and the quality of their services. With effective decision making, perseverance and adaptability, your team will make it in no time and reach your set goals.

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