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Although careers based in an office or using technology are discussed more often online, careers for those that like to build and work with their hands are often harder to find under discussion. However, there are many careers that are perfect for those who love the hands-on approach and have the potential to become a lifelong career. No matter what kind of business you start, even starting a tiny home building business, it can be helpful to hire a top business formation service to create your new entity.

Construction Manager

Construction managers oversee the planning, building, and design of construction projects. If you choose to go down this path, you will oversee contractors and employees on projects that can be both residential, industrial and commercial. If you are interested in becoming a construction manager, there are many routes which can improve your likelihood of reaching your goal. One of the best options is to do a Masters in Construction Management. You can do this online by taking a Master construction management course, and it will teach you relevant skills when it comes to project-based construction management. This will help you to achieve your goal of working with project development services in San Diego, such as Gilliland Construction Management, who oversees a wide range of different building projects.


Woodwork and carpentry are both highly skilled occupations, and, although you may think that the need for skilled workers has decreased in recent years, there are many different career options for those interested in carpentry. For instance, you can have your own workshop and work on a freelance basis, or become an employee for a larger construction company. Carpentry is an extremely skilled occupation, however, and so it is important that you look at apprenticeship schemes and carpentry courses before you become apply for positions.


If you are more interested in working with metal, becoming a welder might be the correct occupation for you. However, being a welder can be extremely difficult, and so you should ensure that you are prepared for the job with the correct qualifications, or a certificate from the American Welding Society, which can help to increase your prospects. Although the most important aspect is to improve your current skills on a constant basis, many companies require you to have a membership to a Welder’s Union before you can start a career.


An architect’s life is focused on planning and designing buildings, as well as overseeing their construction. You will also have to ensure that your employees and contractors meet specific safety regulations that have been previously laid out. To become an architect, you will need to complete a BA and an MA that allows you to qualify in your state to become an architect and ensure that you can be fully licensed before you start to apply for projects.

Landscape Architect

Architecture is not all about buildings, however, and if you love to be outdoors, then becoming a landscape architect is a great option for those that want to combine their outdoors spirit with overseeing construction. Becoming a landscape architect is focused on creating beautiful and eye-grabbing outdoor spaces for both residents and the public to enjoy.

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“This is your life.
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– Mark Cuban on Starting a Business

Entrepreneur and Shark Tank host lays out
3 steps to follow when starting a business

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  • Set up your banking and accounting
  • Grow sales by marketing your website

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