Domino’s Logo: What Domino Has To Do With Pizza

Domino’s is the biggest pizza restaurant chain with a vast network of outlets all over the globe. In this post, we’ll talk about why the company uses domino as its symbol and what the three dots on its logo mean. 

  1. Meaning behind Domino’s logo
  2. Logo evolution
  3. Logo design
  4. Why Domino’s logo works
  5. How would Domino’s logo look like if it were made in ZenBusiness?

Meaning behind Domino’s logo

What does domino has to do with pizza? To crack that riddle, let’s go back to the 60s when a businessman named Tom Monaghan purchased the DomiNick’s pizza restaurant. Not being allowed to use the existing name, Monaghan had to come up with a new one. One of the delivery boys suggested the name “Domino’s”. That option turned out to be an ideal fit for several reasons. 

First of all, “Domino’s” sounded very much like “DomiNick”, which made the restaurant recognizable among the regulars. Also, the new name gave Monaghan an excellent idea on the future logo.

The squares on the logo make on think of a pizza box. The three dots stand for the first three Domino’s restaurants. The company had originally planned to add a new dot every time it opened a new outlet, but that intention was never realized.

the 1st logo Domino's Pizza

Logo evolution

Domino’s first logo was designed in 1965. It was a square-shaped emblem that featured two domino pieces the red one with three dots and the blue one with the company name on it. Rounded corners added a delicate feel to the piece. 

In 1977, the logo got a bolder look. The revamped design had sharper corners and more saturated hues. Plus, the image was rotated to the side. However, in 1996, the logo regained its original position.

The Domino’s logo we see today dates back to 2012. By that time, the iconic restaurant had developed a very extensive menu, so it was decided to get rid of the word “pizza” on the emblem. The modern-day design features the word “Domino’s” written in a massive font and a blue and red domino piece. The emblem emanates the sense of stability and professionalism. 

Evolution of the Domino's logo

Logo design

  • Colors. The design relies on a timeless combination of red, white, and blue. Bright and well-balanced at the same time, it’s a great option for a business working in the food industry.
  • Symbolism. Red stands for love and energy, while blue conveys strength and reliability. 
  • Shape. Simple geometry ensures that the logo is easily memorable and recognizable.

Why Domino’s logo works

  • The incredible success of Domino’s branding boils down to two words – “stability” and “flexibility”. The Domino’s emblem is one of the few corporate symbols that has remained almost unchanged throughout the company’s evolution. 
  • Despite several slight modifications, the company hasn’t tried to reinvent the logo, staying true to its unique personality. 
  • Straightforward and stylish, the blue and red domino piece allows you to instantly identify the legendary network of pizza restaurants.  

How would Domino’s logo look like if it were made in ZenBusiness?

How would Domino’s logo look like if it were made in ZenBusiness?
How would Domino’s logo look like if it were made in ZenBusiness?

Final thoughts

Thanks to its smart and strategic branding, Domino’s has become a household name for pizza all over the world. A word of advice for all aspiring businessmen out there: don’t be afraid of unconventional solutions. By mixing simplicity and creativity, you can design some truly amazing art pieces. 

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