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  1. From Nike to Instagram: The Overview of Minecraft Logos
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In Minecraft, participants build houses, cafes, offices, and even entire cities of blocks. There “live” famous characters and companies that we recognize by the logos. Want to create your own logo for the Minecraft server? In this article, we’ll analyze some popular brand identities and tell you what techniques you can adopt.  

From Nike to Instagram: The Overview of Minecraft Logos

Just like the other elements, the logos in the game consist of colored blocks that resemble pixels. Let’s study how popular logos are transformed in the digital world.  


The hero’s blue suit gives the player superpowers, making him virtually invulnerable in the fight against evil. One of the most recognizable details is a bright yellow shield-shaped logo with a large red letter “S” in the centre. As far as the image has few details it is easy to scale it. The only problem lies in designing the smooth lines of the letter “S” using square blocks.


The superhero dedicated his life to fighting crime trying to get revenge for his murdered parents. His mascot was a black bat – a symbol of mystery, the fight against evil and injustice. The animal is always present on Batman’s suit. In Minecraft, two well-known versions of the logo are used: with a bright yellow ellipse and without it. Even in pixels, the silhouette of the bat is still recognizable.


Simplicity is a universal solution for the company’s symbol. YouTube’s identity is based on minimalism: a red play button informs about the essence of video hosting, and a laconic black inscription reinforces the associations with the brand. Such a logo is easy to create from colored pixels: in the game it looks no worse than in reality.


A bitten apple is one of the most famous logos globally. Apple’s identity symbolizes the company’s core principles such as simplicity, innovation, style, and reliability. Thanks to its brevity, this image can be easily recognized in Minecraft.


Although the company has simplified the image of the famous mermaid with a crown on her head several times, it turned out to be rather difficult to reproduce this logo. The details of the face, the wavy hair, and the fishtail look like a blurred picture when designed in pixels. The signature white and green colors remain the only recognizable elements.

Windows 10

An example of a strict and laconic identity that looks equally winning both on billboards and in the game. The four squares arranged half-turn resemble windows. In Windows 10, their outlines were turned from wavy into straight lines, and the image itself was designed in the style of flat graphics. All this helps to easily build the logo of square blocks.


The iconic sports logo features the wing of Nike, the goddess of victory. This tick is also called the “swoosh” which symbolizes energy and movement. Being laconic and versatile, the brand symbol looks equally impressive in different colors and on different surfaces including the clothes of Nike Boy, one of the popular game characters.


The game logo symbolizes its plot: the word “Minecraft” like all other elements in the game world is built of cobblestones. The grey letters with black outlines are slanted which creates a 3D effect. In the middle of the “A” monster Creeper, one of the main villains is hiding.


The messenger was created for computer games users which is reflected in its logo. The image is a game controller “come alive” with a smiling face. The eyes and mouth are simple and schematic, so the logo is easy to scale for Minecraft. And the pixel effect fits with the “computer” concept of the identity.


Minimalism and symbolism are the keys to the success of a versatile logo. The Instagram symbol has always been based on the camera icon since the main function of the social media is sharing photos. In the first versions, the logo was detailed but then it was simplified. The modern image consists of simple lines and color gradation, so it is easy to reproduce with the help of game blocks.


Although there are many elements on the famous shield of the National Football League, each of them looks simple and clear. The ball, the stars, and the NFL abbreviation remain recognizable even in pixels, and the patriotic red, blue, and white colors set the identity apart on any background.

Let’s summarize the basic rules of creating an identity for Minecraft:

  • stick to minimalism: the fewer details there are, the easier it will be to build a logo from blocks and scale it;
  • simplify every element: schematic images and straight lines are easier to reproduce in pixels than complex geometry and ornate patterns;
  • use vibrant colors: they will help you make your corporate identity recognizable.

Creating a Logo for Your Minecraft Server with ZenBusiness

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