How To Create a Coat Of Arms Logo?

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General information

Emblems and their symbolic meanings have been given a great significance since the Middle Ages. Even then, the main symbols of the states were their coats of arms.

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What industries use?

The logo in the form of a coat of arms is most often used either by state structures or by companies with a long and glorious history. Sometimes, as in the case of Alfa Romeo, the company’s administration selects the emblem of its native city as an emblem. We should not forget about the companies that belong to the old noble families (for example, the Rothschilds business empire).

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How to choose the right elements?

The logo, basically, consists of a shield as a symbol of protection, a helmet, and a mantling. Since the role of the background and the main element here is assigned to the shield, an additional frame is not required, although it can be shaped as a mantle. Of course, you can add swords or halberds, but offensive weapons are more suitable for power structures.

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How to choose the right colors?

When developing a coat of arms it is better to use aristocratic colors – red, white, black and blue, although when it comes to state organizations, you should remember the colors of the flag.

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